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How to Analyze Various B Schools Accreditations?

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Before getting admission into any business school in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi or any city in India, it is important for students to read the institute’s prospectus and most importantly understand the accreditation or recognition of the college so that one can choose the right course from the right institute. The recognition of the college by an authorized source becomes important for the students because at the time of companies coming to the campus for interviews, it makes a difference. During selection of MBA Colleges for campus hiring, the selection of the B school depends upon its accreditations apart from the performance of past students from the campus.

There are various authorities in India which gives different kind of accreditations to B schools and it is the primary step to learn different certifications which a B school can have. Some of these accreditations are as follows:

1. CRISIL: Credit Ratings Information Services of India Limited is India’s first independent analytical company that provides grading facilities for education based sector. CRISIL is globally recognized and their aim is to maintain quality in the field of education. The judgment parameters for the attaining the certification are strict and therefore creates a clear transparency in the field of education. After analyzing the facts and information for a given B school they give national and state level ratings like National A*** , National A**, National A, National B*** etc.

2. AICTE: The All India Council of Technical Education was founded in 1945 and is India’s advisory body whose function is to plan and co-ordinate the development of technical education system in the country. They regulate and maintain the norms of higher and technical education across India. For getting a certification from AICTE, a college requires to follow their defined preset standards. The norms are based on the terms of curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, student intake etc.

3. UGC: University Grants Commission is a unique government body that determines, coordinates and maintains standards in institutes of higher education. Their main goal is co-ordinate between the central and state government issues with respect to higher education. Many business schools in Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore etc. have been certified by UGC.

4. NAAC: National Assessment and Accreditation Council is an autonomous body which was established by UGC for ratings given to institutes across India. The ratings given by NAAC are A+, A, B+, B where A+ shows outstanding remarks in terms of NAAC’s framework. The key points based on which an institute is assessed by NAAC includes infrastructure, teaching-learning evaluation, innovation in studies, curriculum etc.

Therefore, one must be very careful while selecting the business school in Kolkata and other cities since the institute’s name and its recognition might be the benchmark for the future job opportunities.