Desertification in Chad

What is Desertification?

Desertification is when desert sand spreads over usable land. This is a huge problem in Africa, in areas around the Sahara. Desertification has taken over many areas such as Egypt, and is threataning Chad greatly.

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Causes and effects

Desertification can be destroy areas countries used for agriculture. this can cause famine in countries and many people and animals will suffer from malnutrietion. This is because the land loses its nutrients and can no longer suport crops. that can be caused by over using the land, over grazing, or irrigation systems not doing the correct things.

how can we solve this?

the solution is very simple, if we can teach the farmers and herders of Chad what they're doing wrong they can easily solve it. because they no longer need to travel to find food they stay in one place, so they graze in one area and farm in one area. they only need to graze in diffrent areas so they dont over graze and plant diffrent crops each season so the soil can regain the nutrients certin plants need to grow.

how can we fund our project?

we are a none for profit organization and we rely solely on donations, so every donation goes straight to the cause, every cent helps. if you would like to donate to help send our members to Chad to teach the farmers and herders how to save their land please contact us.