From the Desk of Dr. Nichols

Eastover Elementary Updates- Weeks of April 4 & April 11

Important Dates:

-Apr. 5-14 Boosterthon PTA Fundraiser

-Apr. 14- Report Cards go Home

-Apr. 20- Early Release Day (Students Dismiss at 12:15pm)

-May 5-6-4th 9 wks progress reports go home

Report Cards Come Home--Thurs. April 14th

Report cards for the 3rd 9 weeks grading period will come home Thursday, April 14th. If you have any questions about your child's grade/average, please contact his/her teacher as soon as possible!


On April 20th, we will dismiss at 12:15pm. This is necessary so that our teachers can participate in professional development workshops.

Our school will open at our normal start time of 8:15am and lunch will be provided. Our buses will complete the end-of-day routes and parents/guardians will be able to pick up students who are car riders. We ask that you be in the car rider line no later than 12:00pm. We also ask that you notify day-care providers or other appropriate parties of the early dismissal.

If your student is currently enrolled in an After School Enrichment Program there is no need to take action. If you need after school assistance for April 20th, please contact the ASEP site coordinator at 980-343-5505 or the ASEP department at 980-343-5567 two weeks prior to April 20th to make payment arrangements. This assistance will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have questions, please contact us at 980-343-5505.

End of Year State Testing Reminder (Grades 3, 4, and 5 only)

The end of the year is coming quickly and I want all families to be aware that required, state testing for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will take place during the following days. Please add these to your calendar.

Thurs. May 26-Fri. May 27

Tues. May 31- Fri. June 3

June 6, 7, 8--All make-up testing (Grades 3, 4, 5)

Home Access To Dreambox and Compass Learning

CMS Technology Services continues to make steps towards a single sign on for students and adults to make accessing web-based instructional applications easy.

On a home computer or tablet, students use the same CMS desktop login to log into Dreambox and Compass Learning. Please pay close attention when your child logs in on 1 of these sites. All usernames must be begin with cmssites\ (Example: cmssites\12345678).

School Safety Reminders

-Doors are locked all day (buzz-in entry only)—please press button to right of main entrance for assistance

-Checking out students---please try to check out students by 2:45pm each day. This helps ensure that our dismissal processes flow smoothly and ALL students are accounted for and arrive home safely!!

-Photo ID--Remember to bring your photo ID (school visits/student check-ins and check-outs)

-PM Transportation Changes-Please provide your child’s teacher with a written note for any afternoon transportation changes

-Reminders about lunchtime visits:

-please remember to only have lunch with your student/child

-once lunch is over, please say your goodbyes in the cafeteria in order for the class to leave the cafeteria on time in order to start instruction back up quickly in his/her classroom

Are you a CMS Registered Volunteer?

If you are an Eastover volunteer, or simply coming frequently for lunch with your child, you need to be a Registered CMS Volunteer. Click below to get registered. If you've already registered in a previous year, simply login and confirm your information.

Grade Level News (Weeks of 4/4 and 4/11)


-Literacy Theme: Magnets- Letter Name and Sounds (consonant blends and digraphs, long vowels).

-Math Unit: How many do you have?- Students: Develop and analyze visual images for quantities up to 10, and develop strategies for accurately counting and keeping track of quantities to 20.

-Science Unit: Magnets-Students learn that magnetism is a type of force.

-Social Studies: NA

-Writing: Theme: Poetry-Students continue to write about what they know, use of mentor texts, and correct formation of upper and lower case letters.

-Health: Second Step Curriculum (taught by School Counselor)

1st grade:

-Literacy: Launching Reader's Workshop--Students will: identify how and why characters change, return to reviewing informational texts, identify facts in texts, decipher fiction vs. non-fiction and why, and compare facts gathered from different texts to compare and contrast different animals.

-Math: Shapes: Students will: review skills already taught in problem solving, math fluency with a review, introduced to shapes through exploring manipulatives, identifying attributes, and utilizing shapes to fill in designs, and compose new shapes from composite shapes.

-Science: NA

-Soc. Studies: Students will be introduced to compass direction. Students will be participate in Junior Achievement by identifying our needs and wants as well as jobs. Students will learn about states and the country they live in through the use of maps.

-Writing: Launching Writer’s Workshop- Narrative Writing- Students will begin their "All About" writing activity.

-Health- Feelings/Safety-Taught via School Counselor (Second Step Curriculum)

2nd grade:

-Literacy: Different Types of Fiction-Students will be able to: understand the different parts of a mystery book, infer how the clues in a mystery may lead to solving the mystery, understand the structure of a mystery and what happens in the beginning, middle, and end of a mystery, understand the elements of a mystery story, look for clues in the text and pictures of their mystery books, and will understand how mysteries are solved and how the author wraps up a mystery story.

-Math: Measurement and Data Analysis--Students will work on: Students will participate in measurement olympics as a review of our measurement unit (accurately measure in inches, centimeters, feet, yards, and meters, compare measurements, measure long distances, and create charts and graphs to represent data).

-Science: Animal Life Cycles--Students will Summarize the life cycle of animals (Birth, Developing into an adult, Reproducing, Aging and death)

-Soc. Studies: Timeline Project- Students will be able to create a timeline of their lives and compare the timeline of their lives to animal life cycles.

-Writing: Research Writing and How to Writing--Students will complete their research on a historical African American figure this week. Students will understand and begin to write how-to-writing papers. Students will take the entire piece of writing through the writing process

-Health: Completed with School Counselor

3rd grade:

-Literacy: Literacy Theme-Test Taking Strategies: Students will practice close reading strategies, use the RACE strategy to respond to reading, and practice strategies for answering multiple choice questions.

-Math: How many 100s, How many miles?-Students will combine hundreds in numbers above 1,000 and estimate addition and subtraction problems within 3-digit numbers and identify the relationship between addition and subtraction.

-Science: Solar System- Students will finish their work on planets from the solar system in class this week (quiz at end of week).

-Soc. Studies: Understanding Entrepreneurship and Economy- Students will be able to explain why people become entrepreneurs and give examples of different entrepreneurships in and around the Charlotte area. Students will be able to create a simple budget that allocates for spending and saving. Students will be able to identify ways of spending, saving and donating.

-Writing: EOG Test Prep

-Health- Students will be able to identify situations that require using strategies for calming down

4th grade:

Literacy: Literacy Theme Cycle 5- 3/21 - 5/6 (Literary Selection this unit: Amelia’s Road

By: Linda Jacobs Altman) Vocabulary: (Vocabulary: loathe, labor, crave, lend a hand, permanent, temporary) Students will: determine the theme of the story, drama, or poem from details in the test; summarize the text; explain major differences between poems, drama, and prose, and refer to the structural elements of poems (e.g., casts of characters, settings, descriptions, dialogue, stage directions) when writing or speaking about a text; make connections between the text of a story or drama and a visual or oral presentation of the text, identifying where each version reflects specific descriptions and directions in the text; and compare and contrast the treatment of similar themes and topics

Math: Multiplication- Students will solve to digit by two digit multiplication problems using a variety of strategies.

Science: Energy--Students will explain the monthly changes in the appearance of the moon based on the moon’s orbit around the earth.

Soc. Studies: Students will locate and describe American Indians in NC, trace the immigration of settlers to NC, and describe similarities and differences among people of NC.

Writing: Students will continue to write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences. They will produce clear and coherent writing. Students will demonstrate command of the conventions of the standard English grammar and usage while writing (Continue working on Mini Task #2).

Health: Stressful Situations-Students will Students will identify emotion-management strategies to think clearly about a situation so you can avoid jumping to conclusions.

5th grade:

Literacy: Students will have a normal Word Study schedule this week. Students will be focusing on using their Close Reading strategies to dive deeper with informational text comprehension passages. Students will also work specifically with the "RACE" strategy to help them cite text evidence in a short answer format and will take the CMS Cycle 4 Assessment on Thurs and Fri of this week.

Writing: Students will be working on a personalized Compass Learning assignment that will specifically focus on the Language Standards of 5th grade. Assignment 1 focuses on Conjunctions, Interjections, Prepositions, Prepositional Phrases, and identifying them as well as using them correctly in their own writing.

Math: Shapes Unit: Students will classify 2-D shapes (Pathway dependent on skill level as assessed on pre-test)

Science: Weather vs. Climate-Students continue to learn about weather and climate (Weather/Air pressure: effects on weather and climate, types of fronts: cold, warm, occluded, stationary)

Soc. Studies: Colonial America- Students will begin an introduction to the American Revolution (tensions grow between colonies and England)

Health: Second Step Lessons (Emotions Management)


Music-Chorus Club--Tuesdays (7:45am-8:30am--Auditorium)

April 14th-K and 1st grade Music Concert--K at 6:00pm/1st grade at 6:30pm (Auditorium) Chorus Club Competition/Carowinds (5/13)

PE-Fitness Testing (April), Field Days (5/5-K-2 grade and 5/6-3-5 grades)Please wear tennis shoes on PE days--thank you!

Tech- For immediate updates this week, please contact Ms. Diebolt: (

Media- K-1- Research (KWL), 2-3-Folklore Readings, 4th- Discussion of Genres, 5th- DC Projects(

Art- For immediate updates this week, please contact Mr. Clifford: (