This Week at Bradley..

February 17, 2014

General information and reminders

Monday is a B day and Tuesday is an A day.

Department meetings will be held Wednesday and an updated Wednesday morning meeting schedule will be sent later this week.

Please put EOG testing dates on your calendar. Testing is tenatively set to begin the Wednesday after Memorial Day, As you make your plans , please keep in mind that the last 10 school days will be testing- math, science, social studies, reading, CTE, Math I (Algebra) and year long Spanish. That is a lot of tests in a short time so it will take all of us to get it done!

Technology info

Technology updates and reminders:

  • Sign-ups for computer labs and iPad carts are available. Please remember that you should only be reserving the lab for 40 minute slots in a block. Please remind students that there should be no food or drink in the labs.

  • iPad carts are located in the following places and should be returned to those same locations at the end of the day, even if you are using the cart the following day.

link to Bradley tech wiki

iPad cart sign up:

Computer lab sign up:

This week...

Monday, 2/17- School day (B day)

Tuesday ,02/18- School day(A day)

-Parent Conferences, 8:00 a.m.

-PLC meetings

Wednesday, 02/19 (B day)

-Department meetings 8:00 a.m.

-Spring sports signups

-Dance team tryouts

Thursday, 02/20

-New Teachers meeting 8:00 Lab 127 (7th gr hallway)

-Spring sports signups

-Student concern meetings

-Dance team tryouts

Friday, 02/21

-Spring sports signups

-Parent Conferences during planning

-Dance team tryouts

Happy Birthday!!

February Birthdays:

2/23 Becky Bomann

2/27 Amy Sparks

Coming Events

February 24 and 25 - 3rd quarter progress reports go home

- soccer and baseball tryouts

February 27 & 28 - track tryouts

March 31- Make-up day