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What a great time to be a HAWK! In the last week we have had tremendous things happen for our fall athletic teams:

October 1st, the J.V. Boys volleyball team winning the P.C.C. tournament.

October 7th, the Boys Varsity Volleyball team won the P.C.C. round robin championship. October 8th, the Cross Country teams competed in the Crown Point sectional where our boys qualified for the regional and our girls team all qualified for the regional as individuals.

October 8th, the Boys Soccer team won the IHSAA 1A Boone Grove Sectional

October 8th, the Girls Soccer team won the IHSAA 1A Hanover Central Sectional.

Congratulations to all of these teams, you have made your school and community proud!

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Parent Sportsmanship video

Athletes must be in school on time

Daily attendance at school and practice is very important and expected. Student athletes should be in school for the full day and must be in school by 8:05 and 8:20 on late start days to be able to participate or practice in his/her athletic event. ***Note: If a student is late to school past the times above, they may not participate on Saturdays. Any other exemptions (medical, funeral, college visitation) must be approved through the guidance office.

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H.S. Fall Athletic Awards Program

The Athletic Department will be hosting the Fall Athletic Awards Program on October 26th at 6:00 p.m. ALL athletes that are participating in a high school fall sport are expected to attend. They must inform the coach if they cannot attend. Athletes must turn in their school uniforms before the awards to receive their certificate and or awards.

M.S Fall Athletic Awards

The Middle School will be hosting the middle school fall athletic awards on October 18th from 10:30-11:00 a.m. in MS gym.

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Athletic Trainer speaks by Daniel Barber


The last article explained concussions and some of the myths surrounding them. I want to take some time to discuss the common symptoms and current treatment trends. It is important to reiterate that every concussion is different and each concussion needs to be taken seriously. Remember, a concussion is a disturbance in brain function and needs to be treated appropriately to minimize any long term effects or repercussions.

The vast majority of concussions in athletics occur as a result from a blow or jolt to the head or body. This could include an event such as an elbow to the head/face, being hit in the head/face with a ball, hitting the head on the floor or a significant blow to the body. The brain sits in the skull and floats in the cerebrospinal fluid which means the brain is constantly in motion. If a significant blow to the body is significant enough to cause the brain to float around in the cerebrospinal fluid and hit the side of the skull, a concussion is possible.

The most common reported symptoms are a persistent headache or pressure in the head, dizziness, lightheadedness, ringing in the ears, sleep disturbance, and/or being bothered by light or noise. The signs that can be observed by a parent or coach include appearing less alert, disoriented, difficulty focusing/concentrating, unable to remember plays or events of the day/game. An individual may only report one symptoms or there could be multiple signs and symptoms. If even one symptom is reported, the athlete should sit out and be examined by an Athletic Trainer or another healthcare professional trained in the management of concussions.

Now that we have discussed the symptoms, let’s briefly discuss the treatment. In Indiana, any athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion is required by law to be evaluated by a physician trained in the management of concussions. The physician will perform a physical exam and may order additional tests to confirm or eliminate any other possible injuries. Concussions are primarily treated with physical and cognitive rest; including limiting time on phones and time in the classroom (especially if loud noises increases the athlete’s symptoms). The athlete will not be allowed to participate in athletics until they are free of symptoms at rest and follow a gradual return to participation protocol (observed by an Athletic Trainer if available). The idea behind the gradual return is that studies have shown that while the athlete may not have symptoms at rest, as physical activity is resumed some individuals experience a return in symptoms if the concussion has not fully resolved. In other words, the return to play protocol is a way to make sure the injury has completely healed.

This concludes the brief introduction in sports-related concussions. We could get into greater detail into this complex injury but this overview is sufficient for now. If you ever have any questions or want to know more information don’t hesitate to contact me or stop by to talk to me at any of our athletic events. Remember, when dealing with concussions it’s best to follow the saying, “When it doubt, sit it out.”

High School Grade Requirements

The following basic requirements must be met before participation can begin or continue: Students at Hebron High School must be passing a minimum of six subjects. All freshmen are eligible for the first grading period of the school year. The eligibility of sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be determined by the most recent grading period. The semester grade will take precedence.

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Middle School Grade Requirements

Students at Hebron Middle School will be subject to a grade check every two weeks (Friday’s). Students who have a failing grade will immediately become ineligible for the sport they’re participating in until the next grade check. This also applies to end of each grading period. Students who have two or more failing grades at the end of a grading period will be ineligible for the entire 9 grading period.

Middle School coaches will check grades and inform student athletes of their academic ineligibility. Students and parents are encouraged to be proactive by checking their child's grades in Harmony on a consistent basis.

Eligibility issues with middle school student athletes can be brought to the attention of the Middle School Principal and/or Athletic Director for review. The Middle School Principal and/or Athletic Director's decision on middle school student athlete eligibility is final.

Winter season high school student pass

High School students can purchase a season pass for all home winter sports and receive a T-shirt for the red zone to wear at all games! This does not include tournaments. Students must then wear the shirt to the games – the shirt will serve as their pass into the game

Winter Season Pass: $20 These passes on on sale NOW in the athletic office.

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Winter Season middle school/elementary pass

Middle School/Elementary Student Winter Pass are on sale in the Middle School and Elementary office for $20.

This includes all boys and girls home basketball games (tournaments are not included) and wrestling matches and is for Middle School and Elementary games only. Student will be required to sign in with the ticker taker for each game.

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Winter Practices starting October 17th

Girls basketball HS gym 3:00-5:00

MS Boys basketball MS gym 3:00-5:00

6th grade boys basketball Elem gym 3:00-5:00

5th grade boys basketball Elem gym 5:00-7:00

All athletes must have a current I.H.S.A.A. physical form on file to participate.

Click the link below for an I.H.S.A.A. physical form.

Corporate Sponsorship

The Athletic Department is starting an inaugural corporate sponsor program. Details are still being established. It will include signage on our outdoor facilities as well as our indoor facilities. If interested in becoming a corporate sponsor please contact the athletic office.

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