By Corbin, Madison, Matthew, and Sara


Unity is a principle of art, that happened when all of the pieces in the artwork are connected and in unison. Unity makes all the pieces of an artwork have meaning. Unity can be shown by color, shape, design, ect. Unity catches the eye and makes the viewer to keep lookung at the artwork.

Picture- http://www.aradanicostumes.com/image/cache/data/paulart/Unity-500x500.jpg

Unity Isn't just an art Principle

Unity is important throughout the entire world. The world is run through unity. Unity is shown through education, commutation, science, etc. Unity is shown by a connection in all things.

Why this image is a good example of Unity

This image is a good example unity because it shows a town with a large steeple. The steeple is supposed to show the unity of the town and the connection that the towns people have between one another.