by Mohammed.badami

Q1. Write down three fascinating facts about Egypt?

Ans: The 3 amazing facts are 2,000 names of Egypt's Gods, Nile River was very important for the people of Egypt and some women were also Pharaohs.

Q2. List some of new words you have learned during this task?

Ans: The new words are Bastet, Anubis, Ra, Tutankhamen, Namer, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi and Thoth.

3. If you had to write a report again what would you do differently next time?

Ans: If I did the report again, I would use more vocabulary and be more creative in everything borders, font and many more and be careful with grammar mistakes.

4. What was the hardest thing to do in this Assignment?

Ans: The hardest thing to do in this Assignment was to change the Paragraphs from the website (no copy and paste).