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Personal Definition Of Perseverance

My definition of perseverance is to never give up, nothing will bring you down if they do you get up and don't give up.

Albert Einstein Genius Of Perseverance

This shows the adversities that Albert Einstein has gone through and also shows the solutions he could've done.
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Lois Zamperini

A Hero Of Perseverance

Louis Zamperini was a tough boy, started smoking at the age of five. Louis was very fast he used that speed to steal beer. Police and family helped him use his talent in something more interesting and mature, Track. Louis lost his first race but he learned from his mistakes and also knew he lost because he had problems of breathing which was the cause from smoking. As Time passed he became a better runner he was offered to try out for the U.S. in track team. He passed outstandingly he went to the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany. Although he won 8th place he made the last quarter of the track in in 4.21 seconds which was a record not broken until 8 years later. Everyone was impressed that even Hitler wanted to meet Louis, and he did Louis still remembers when he shook Hitler's hand. Louis was read for the next Olympic games but it was cancelled because of World War 2. Louis joined the U.S. Army. In May 1943 Louis and a crew had a mission to look for a pilot that was taken down. I the mission unfortunately the plane wings stopped working and they crashed in the pacific ocean. 3 out of the 11 crew members survived. Louis and two other soldiers were stranded in the pacific ocean for 47 days. They used a dead body for bait to get fish to eat. As Perseverance was needed at that moment unfortunately one of the men in the raft died. After the 47 days at the ocean he was rescued, but not by allies but by the enemy. Louis was sent to different islands to be tortured. The Japanese tried to use zamperini as propaganda but he refused so he was tortured even more. One of his worst torturers was a men by the nickname of " The Bird". After the war was over he was freed but, had to go through daily nightmares that tortured him. He finally found peace in god and was very happy. Louis Zamperini died in July,2 2014. To many people he is hero of perseverance and being able to live happy with his life and having many noble qualities.
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This image shows Louis Zamperini now and shows how in peace he is after forgiving the Japanese and everyone that hurt him.

Lionel Messi The perseverance Flea

Lionel messi a normal kid in Argentina, as a boy born in Argentina he loved soccer and didn't do great in school sometimes. Teacher said he will always run outside to play soccer after school. Messi will never guess that he would had to overcome a large Adversity in his life. At the the age of 11 diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency Messi met his adversity of life. As doctors will always tell Messi that he never might play soccer anymore, Messi never lost hope, as their family didn't. Messi's family did anything for his son to not suffer like this. They had to pay after their health insurance stopped paying. Their insurance payed 2 months of messi's treatment. When they were running out of money they had to resort to get a team to pay messi's treatment in exchange messi will play for the team. River plate is important Argentinean team, They rejected messi. But Messi had a Conviction that a team will take him in. Finally messi was accepted my Fc Barcelona an important team in Spain. The consequence of that decision was that messi had to leave his family and move to Spain at the age of 13. As expected messi didn't care because he knew how much he and his family wanted him to succeed. It was hard for him to not have his family but, he had help from friends in Spain and he persevered even at this time now. That is why to many people he is the perseverance flea.
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This photo shows messi now after overcoming his adversities now a successful soccer player.

Martin Luther King Jr. The Fighter Of Perseverance

A African American boy was born in January,15 1929. That was the start of someone that will change many lives. As a result of having a very religious and pacifism family he was raised as a good person. Martin never believed in violence this caused for many people to hate him of his gift. Martin also disagreed with racism because of that many people were racist to him and treated him bad. He made a little group that will help him defend African American's. This group became bigger and started something important. This resulted into many treats and many other people get even more treated bad. Martin never gave up in his dream this made others feel his dream and make them create a difference. Rosa parks did what Martin did she didn't let others treat her bad. As giving up large amount of his time in jail and he falter in his way all the time. Of this sacrifice he changed many people's live's.Martin never yield to his goal. assassination ended his life, What others didn't see is that he did make a change he made his dream speech real. This is why man people consider him a great fighting person for everyone rights and beliefs.

Lesson Learned

Lessons that everyone should lean is to never give up whether the odds are stacked against you never give up and never stop trying. These people have shown that never loose hope.