Come To Tejas

Vol. XCIII, No. 31 September 30, 1821 $0.25

Join Stephen F. Austins Colony

We Are What You Need And All Your Neighbor Are Going And So Should You For A Better Life And A Once In A Life Time Opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanted: Good Upstanding People!!! No Wickedness Allowed

These Are rules for settling in Stephan F. Austins colony the are strictly apply

  • No drunks, gamblers, profane swearers, and no idlers
  • No frontiersman allowed if they're not hunters
  • Must be Catholic (or silent on religion).
  • Farmers and skilled workers
  • No U.S or military government background
All who respect and obey these rules are welcome to Stephan F. Austins colony.

Why Move To Tejas? Why In Stephan F. Austins colony.

  • An opportunity to start a new life
  • Low Taxes
  • Plenty of land
  • 640 acres for the head of the family
  • 320 acres to the wife
  • 160 for each child
  • 80 for each slave
  • Affordable and Fertile land

Stephan F. Austins Quotes

"You will be astonished to see all our houses with no other fastening than a wooden pin or a door latch."

~Stephan F. Austin

"I make no more calculations except to spend my life here.(Weather) rich or poor, here I expect to remain here permanently."

~Stephan F. Austin

About Stephen F. Austin

Stephen Fuller Austin, He is kind and a lovable person and his land is located between the Colorado River and the Brazos River. His land is good for a lot of things like Ranching, farming, livestock, and planting any thing. His land only costs 12.5 cents an acre and he usually rebates the fees. Why Wouldn't you want to move here?