STEMS Weekly Newsletter

Issue 5

~From our Desks ~

Language Arts & Social Studies: Ms. Hamilton

ELA: We began conferencing about our narrative writing and will continue next week. Students should be reading nightly for 30 minutes. Vocabulary homework is due every Tuesday. Students may utilize Quizlet to complete digital flashcards but must join my class first: The corresponding quiz is the following Friday. Please contact me with any questions or concerns:

SS: Next week students will complete their tour of the Nile River Valley. Students created postcards of Ancient Egypt in class today. If your child is not finished, they will need to complete the assignment over the weekend. Please encourage your student to write in and check their agendas daily.

Math: Ms. Baldwin

The students completed a quiz on modeling and problem solving with fractions today. They began this quiz alone, and then collaborated with their group. The comments made as I walked around were very encouraging as to the understanding of the material.

If your student was not satisfied with their test result, I will offer a way to earn back half of the points they lost. I should have this in my website by Monday evening.

Next week we will be studying division of mixed numbers. Our test should be next Friday on division of fractions, mixed numbers and the correlating


Thank you for all you are doing to support our classroom!

Science: Ms. Timmerman

Mrs. Timmerman's class has been making stop/motion videos and working on weather and cold front and warm and cold air masses. They have a study guide to help prepare them for our next quiz, which will be Friday. Our next test (9 weeks test) will be Tuesday, October 7th.

Keep up the good work!

Have a great weekend!

Science: Ms. Nicole Ouzts

This week we finished all major weather standards for the first nine weeks test. I will present the remaining inquiry unit standards as mini lessons.
On Thursday, we had a very interesting lesson using the iPads and stop motion animation about weather fronts and the associated cloud formations. The students were very involved and will continue to work on this next week. I see us using this lesson again for future classroom projects.
Since we have covered the major standards, students will do independent and group projects and research before the nine weeks test. Many have brought up great questions in class that go beyond the required knowledge, and they have been required to record those in the composition notebooks. No matter what each child/group does, presenting for the class will be required and graded.
***Reminder: ideas for a problem to solve for the Invention Convention will be due very soon, so get those thinking caps on!!
If you have questions or concerns, email me at

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Pre-Algebra 19 - Converting Terminating Decimal Numbers to Fractions