Meth wont only kill you

it will also kill the people who love you

What is Meth ?

Methamphetamine , is an drug that can severely damage your body which is a central nervous system stimulant.
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How can Meth DESTROY my body ?

Meth can damage many body parts for example ,

- your teeth

- your brain

- your muscles

- your common sense

and many many more .

Meth can cause infection in the mouth which may lead to cancer , infections in the brain that would lead to tumors and also makes you anti-social.

Meth would lead to...

- increased heart rate

- disorganize lifestyle

- lower resistance to illness

- liver damage

- Extreme rise in body temperature which can cause brain damage.

- Stoke


What are some of the SYMPTOMS ?

You ONLY stay HIGH for the first 5 MINUETS .

- Euphoria - Paranoia -Decreased appetite - Increased physical activity

- Nervousness - Irritability - Confusion -Anxiety -Aggression - Hypothermia - Dizziness - Tooth Grinding - Dry & Itchy Skin - Sores - Acne - Numbness - Sweating - Anger - Panic -Hallucination -Delusions of insects on skin -Homicidal or suicidal thoughts -damage to blood vessels - will being to scratch at skin

How long does it take to get hook on Meth ?

40 out of 100 people said : it only took one time for me to get addicted to Meth

80 out of 100 people said : it only took 2 times for me to get addicted to meth

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How much does Meth cost ?

Meth Myth Vs. Truth

  • MYTH- ALittle Tina now wont hurt .

TRUTH - A little Crystal of meth is all that is needed , even small amounts would lead to addiction.

  • MYTH- Using drugs make me popular

TRUTH- Yes, to other drug addicts , but not non drug users

  • MYTH- Crystal drug is a great way for weight lost

TRUTH- On crystal diet you loose WAY too much weight

  • MYTH-I'm stronger than any drug/ I know how to man age it / There is no way ill get addicted / it doesn't affect me like others

TRUTH- Most users think that they are able to resist addition but they try to quit they find out it is too late.

Can meth make me look older ?

Oh , yes Meth make you look ten times your actual age , meth users find it very hard to hid the symptoms of there addition . Look at some before and after pictures .

Meth during Pregnancy ?

You have to consider that whatever happens to a woman during her pregnancy also is happening to the baby. Some of these issues may be:

  • Poor nutrition and weight loss.
  • Toxicity from this dangerous drug.
  • Increased risk of contracting an STD which, like meth, can also cause issues for a developing baby.
  • Increased risk of using a second drug regularly in addition to crystal meth, such as cigarettes or alcohol.

When the child is born the child will have to go threw withdraw like another adult , some cases may be so critically that the baby may die.