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Great tips, incentives, and kudos! March 22nd

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What's the secret to our business??

Love these wise words from Platinum Director Cindy Rhodehamel and wanted to share them with you!

People often ask HOW I have continued to be successful in my Stella & Dot Business year after year. I've been a Stylist for over 7 years and truly LOVE what we do each and every day. 2 years into my S&D business, I suddenly became the sole breadwinner of our family with 3 daughters who were 11, 13 and 16 years old, at that time. Scary? Yes! Impossible to handle? No way. I knew I had the internal drive to support our family and make it through what was my worst nightmare. I knew to do it successfully, I had to buckle down, focus, be goal-oriented and take care of me plus remain positive every day. I had to be a role model to my girls. Period.

I was just reading an awesome article and I think this paragraph sums it up.......

".....the best shortcut for fast tracking your goals, for going from flabby to fit, for going from broke to rich…and for achieving anything worthwhile to is to deploy a strong, aggressive, unrelenting offense, one fueled by a disciplined work ethic and good old-fashioned hustle."

I have continued forward in life, with determination and focus, each and every week. When I have had a Trunk Show cancel or had low attendance, I have looked for the silver lining and/or what I could change in my performance to have a different outcome the next time. Quitting was never an option. I shut down the negative voices (and still do) each and every day because I know I am, and will continue to be, successful. I have BIG goals that I am working toward and I know flexing out is not an option. Ever. So....when you wonder what the "magic secret" is to being successful in our business, there is no secret. Those who are experiencing continued success are working through the bumps, the many "no's," the ups and downs of life and keeping a positive perspective with a keen eye on their bigger goals...they have "an old fashioned hustle and disciplined work ethic." What a gift of a journey we have all been given.

Training Opportunities!

New Jersey Bootcamp!

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Philly-area Summer Reveal!

Philly-area Stella and Dot Summer 2016 Reveal and All Stylist Training!

Monday, April 11th, 7pm

500 West Germantown Pike

Plymouth Meeting, PA

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Have a great week!

Associate Director & Team Leader Jen Thomas