Egg-nymph-adult. They are in eggs for two or three weeks. They are in a nymph for a month. They are an adult for three months. They live for a year.


Crickets live in grassy places so they can live. They live in meadows. They have to live in a grassy place because most insects eat grass. They live on mountains. They live in forests.


They eat insects bread, goldfish, apple, oranges, and dog food. They will eat anything. The most normal thing they eat is grass. Crickets eat insects. Crickets have three favorite foods- grass, bread, and dog food.


They have three body part's thorax, head, and abdomen. Crickets bodies are soft. There abdomen is the biggest part in there body. There thorax is medium. Head is the smallest.

Interesting Facts

1. Crickets eat clothes.
2. Crickets have ears on there legs.
3. All insects see like a checker board.
4. Crickets rub there wings together to chirp.
5. Only male crickets chirp.