About Me

Drake Townsend

Fun sports

I like to play sports like basketball,baseball,soccer,and football. I like all 4 because they are really fun and easy to play.

Nasty Sports

I don't like rugby,volleyball,or track because i haven't played rugby or volleyball.Volleyball doesn't make sense,and i am asthmatic which means i can't run for long distances.

Calms My Mind

I like rain because it calms me down a little just like snow does.I don't why they calm me but they do,that is why i am best behaved during storms.

To Much Heat

I hate it when it is to hot because you can't do anything when it is to hot to play outside and it gets boring because we have to stay inside.

My Colors

I have 3 favorite colors,green,red,and blue.Green because it is the earth,red because fire and blood,and blue because it is the sky.