Hero: Odyssey


Odysseus is very heroic in this story. I know this because he says, he and his best men can go and explore, he talks to the Cyclops and asks him if he wants wine, and his ram went last out of the cave. The first reason is that he takes his best men with him on the adventure. He was saving the non-experienced men so they wouldn't get killed. I know this because he says "the rest of you loyal friends stay here". The second reason is that he goes up to the Cyclops and asks him if he wants some wine. this makes him heroic because he has the courage to talk to the Cyclopes. I know this happened because he says"Here, Cyclops, have some wine to follow your meal of human flesh. The final reason Odysseus is a hero is because when they were escaping he was the last one out. He made sure all of his soldiers got out before him. I know this because it says "my ram went last". These three reasons is why Odysseus is a hero.