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Understanding of MMM

I am a product designer at the Internet company serving! 2014, I invested $ 15,000 in the P2P platform, unfortunately it has not heard from after the year! However, it is very fortunate that I got to know through a friend's introduction MMM in May 2015, after the exhaustion of three months time to experience him, to interact with him ,, in this period, I did not recommend a person, Until the end of my studies in three months, and I began to realize that his charm: This is a multi-disciplinary platform across - gathers math, sociology, psychology, finance, Das Kapital, philosophy, marketing science and many other disciplines in one collection! We played a great creativity!

The vast majority of Chinese people, regardless of whether the values ​​of mutual aid, since it is the presence of investment property, its security is critical, but, and this is when the acquaintance mmm, an important factor that attracted me to go on. . .

1, MMM development projects as a personal and career - no assignments and targets, everything is free

The so-called [MLM] This operating model in mind: that we buy a product with the good, you can tell the people around you, at the same time this kind of interpersonal communication, can get an income. Core or [products]

But to China, taste it! Become illegal to engage in unlawful activities act. . Core into a [number]

Whether it is against the law [MLM] or legal [direct] - we all do not do it!

I myself have heard a month for three years to go direct lesson! He has a large amount of monthly tasks! Forcing you to develop off the assembly line. In mmm never have these. . .

2, MMM as personal finance and investment platforms - no risk on foot

Internet financial p2p-- States in 2013 within a couple of years the development of Internet banking, the country quickly gave birth to thousands of p2p lending company! By the end of 2014, there have been hundreds of companies closures, dozens of companies have escaped on foot! Resulting in the loss of the country's people can not recover billions of people! In mmm never have these. . .

3, MMM as a rule-making platform - because he does not participate in operations between! Therefore almost no false condition!

Last year, a [Zhonghui Online] p2b (individual corporate lending) platform also down, pour the reason is not running, but it is operating problem! The company standard operating fraud, money was transferred to Chongqing engage in real estate development. . Finally, the subject of the new standard complement the old money, and increasingly unable to enrich themselves, closed down, the boss was arrested! At the end of 2014, so there have been dozens of companies. In mmm never have these. . .

It is because of these three points above said: I joined the camp mmm! These problems do not exist currently mmm! - There is a new risk! After a comprehensive analysis, we found that his resistance is very strong!

Then his biggest risk in the end?

As leverage - if both ends [imbalance] of the gap is too large, it will go wrong!

Such as: platform [to help] the number (continuous for a long time) the amount is much lower than [to help] the quantity and amount, it will help lead to the relative lack of money, which will result in prolonged queuing time, and then serious then, even collapse! Therefore, we need to maintain a common, benign operation!

Another example: the relevant state institutions [human intervention], or [announced as illegal]! It is likely that it will cause the above said problem! The good news is that in Russia has passed the legitimate operation procedures!

94 years is a result of Russia's mmm from socialism to capitalism was the social status caused by the transition period! Details unclear! But here there is a message: "The first is the country declared not guarantee security"! Secondly, after the crowds, not turn up, then collapse! Imagine: a country if there is a range of control over the national financial tycoon, what will happen. . . Second: if we are thinking not contribute to make money, then this country's agriculture, economy, production activities will not go backwards? ? . . .

If we keep the good work of this order ,, continue ,, not because they do not contribute to the production activities have benefits, and give up their own life and production activities ,, while harmonious functioning platform we need to follow the rules, common maintain!

So, MMM into China has been the first nine months. It just nine months time, he was a variety of questions and criticism! Nevertheless, he still brought us many surprises .... I am with the leaders, partners in the ride - not in the past, not the future, just in the moment!

So we encouraged each other, interact with! Now I understand him, and he knows me, and I gradually began to open up the market, have their own partner, with his team, our joint efforts, going forward for today and tomorrow!