Alloy Project

Eglin Steel

What the Alloy is made of and the percentages of each material

Iron-84.46%-90%(Balance) Carbon-0.16%-0.35% Manganese-0.85(max) Silicon-1.25%(max) Chromium-1.50%-3.25% Molybdenum-.55%(max) Nickel-5.00% Tungsten-0.75%-3.25% Vanadium-0.05%-0.30% Copper-0.50% Phosphorus-0.015%(max) Sulfur-0.012%(max) Calcium-0.02(max) Nitrogen-0.14%(max) Aluminum-0.50%(max)

How The Alloy was Discovered

The Military needed a low cost, high strength, high performance steel. Eglin Steel was developed by the US Air Force and Ellwood National Forge before 1991.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical Properties of Eglin Steel are:



-Easily Weldable

Chemical Properties of Eglin Steel are:

-Not Flammable

-Does Not Explode

-Causes Cancer

How Eglin Steel Is Made and The Cost

Eglin Steel undergoes heat treatment involving normalization, quenching, and tempering. The cost of Eglin Steel is a lower cost replacement to the other steel used by the military.

Extra Fact

Several Uses for Eglin Steel are:


-Nuclear and Regular explosives(Not School Appropriate)

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^Not School Appropriate^

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