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February 2023

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Principal's Message

When your child is not feeling well, the decision whether to keep them home or send them to school can be difficult. The general advice has always been, as long as your child has been fever free for 24 hours, they can attend school. But, with COVID, the Flu and RSV circulating, it is hard not to worry. For that reason, it is important to know that here at school, we do everything we can to keep your children healthy. Staff encourage students to wash/sanitize their hands every time they enter the classroom (after recess and lunch). Students eat outdoors unless it is raining. Students are invited to wear a mask if they chose, and teachers keep doors and windows open and continually run the HEPA filters that are located in every classroom. There are also lots of studies that show exposure to germs and bacteria can actually help build a child's immune system and increase their resilience to illness. Washing hands frequently, a balanced diet and sufficient sleep can also help support a healthy immune system.

As you know, attendance plays a significant role in students' academic success. Chronic absenteeism, which is defined at 10% or two absences per month, can have a negative impact on students' overall performance. Research shows that students who are chronically absent have difficulty catching up with classwork and can fall behind their peers. Chronic absences can also lead to students feeling disconnected from school, lonely and even depressed. If you receive a phone call or letter from the school, please know we are reaching out because we want every child to be successful and that we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you or someone in your family is facing challenges that impact attendance, such as transportation or ongoing health issues.

In an attempt to increase our overall attendance rates, we will be acknowledging students who have perfect attendance every month, at our Student of the Month Assembly. In addition to having their names announced and receiving a certificate, students will be invited to a Fun Friday Celebration the first Friday of each month!

Important Information


Twenty-two Henry Ford students were honored at the RFEP Ceremony on Monday, January 30th for reclassifying as Proficient English Language Learners and are officially bilingual!


We are hosting our first annual Parent/Guardian and Student Dance on Friday, February 10th. Volunteers need to help with decorations and food sales during the dance. Please contact PTA or Ms. Knopf if you are available.


Reporting Form for Students with COVID /Forma para reporter que su hijo/a tiene COVID:

Redwood City School District is following recommendations from the San Mateo County Office of Education’s COVID-19 Safe Schools Framework. You can find our District’s 2022-23 protocols at


Herny Ford Yearbooks can be ordered here:


Keep a look out for our new winter enrichment classes being offered on ClassDojo.Thanks to a generous grant, most of our classes are free to all families. Please contact Ms.Crawford for more information.


Our district is working hard to create balanced lunches that include whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables. As such, we ask that you avoid sending sugary treats to school to celebrate your child's birthday and consider healthy options or non-editable items such as pencils, erasers or fidget toys.


Student Safety: Please use the crosswalk and avoid making u-turns in the middle of the street.


Henry Ford Parent & Student Handbook:

School Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Volunteer Requirements:

After School Programs:


Catalyst Kids:

Henry Ford School

Henry Ford is a neighborhood school that celebrates the diversity of its kindergarten through fifth grade students. Our commitment is to meet the needs of all students by providing the academic, social, and emotional successes that are essential to the development of a child's potential.

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