News from Room 124

Our first full week of first grade!

A Note From Ms. Montgomery

Dear Families,

We all made it...and we're still smiling! We have had a great start to our year. This week we have focused really on our classroom culture and community. We are still getting to know one another and learn names and fun facts. We are a team and a team does their best when you know about the people around us. Paper bag shares have been happening, morning meetings include getting to know you chants and games, and we've been learning some math games with partners! Some quick little assessments have been put out to the kiddos and these activities are helping me to figure out where everyone is and what their needs are. I think our favorite times of the day have been read aloud times, I mean, after recess of course! Our classroom is filled with fantastic readers!

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


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If you hear something about GoNoodle....

....check out this website! GoNoodle is a wonderful website that offers us fun and free brain breaks that help to energize us or calm us down, depending on the time of day. Right now, our character, Bart Reynolds, is helping to teach us to regulate our bodies. The more breaks we complete, the stronger we make him! Head over to to learn more!

We Use Our Whole Brain

This year, we will be using not just pieces of our brain, but our whole entire brain. Whew! Whole Brain Teaching helps to further engage kiddos and helps kiddos to learn expectations at a quicker rate, but with way more fun and humor! There are verbal cues we are learning where sometimes kiddos will repeat my words. There are times where they will have to respond a special way. And sometimes, kiddos will hear something from me that there is a movement they need to respond with. I've included a quick little video to give you an idea!
Whole Brain Teaching : 1st Grade Classroom Management
This is our chart that helps keep track of how quickly we respond to whatever cue was given. For example: Ms. Montgomery says "Classity - Class". Class responds with a "Yessity - Yes". If everyone responds quickly, the Class earns a tally. If we have to try it again, the Teacher earns a tally. The goal at the end of the day if for the Class to have more tallies than the Teacher! Room 124 has done a nice job picking up the cues quickly.

Getting to Know Each Other

Expectations in First Grade

We have begun talking a bit about expectations in our classroom and in different areas of our classroom, as well as hallways, recess, and next week we will learn/refresh our minds about our cafeteria expectations. I thought the clip below was a funny bit from Despicable Me all about rules and expectations. Next week, we will begin to put visuals and SOPs (standard operating procedures) to these expectations.
Best Movie Scene - Despicable Me - Rules

First Grade Hopes and Dreams

We all need to know the purpose why we're doing something. Why we have to wake up early and brush our teeth, why we have to go to that brick building with that crazy teacher for 6 hours, why we have to work that job for 8, 10, 12 hours every day. So, we have begun talking about our goals for first grade. What is it that we may not be able to do now, but by the end of the year, we sooooo want to do? Maybe we already know how to do something, but we want to be better. These are our hopes and dreams...and teachers have them too! We had a great time talking about where we all are - because every kiddo in room 124 is in a different place and we will probably end in different places too, but it's all OK! This year, we will be doing a lot of goal setting and this hopes and dreams activity started us off on the right foot. I have a classroom full of kiddos that want to be better readers, writers, mathematicians, artists, storytellers, etc. I am so looking forward to working with each and everyone of my 19 learners!
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3 Ways to Read

In first grade, our literacy block is set up according to the Daily 5 literacy structure. In English that means we will have 5 different literacy centers that everyone will rotate through on a daily basis. These rotations include: Read to Self, Work on Writing, Word Work, Read with a Buddy, and Listen to Reading. This week we began to look at ourselves as readers....each and everyone of us. In case you did not know, there are three ways to read. 1) You can read the words. 2) You can read the pictures. 3) You can retell/reread a story. This may help you at home too. If before bedtime your kiddo reads you a story by reading the pictures, commend them for their amazing storytelling strategies! As we continue through the year, we will add more strategies and skills to your child's reading toolbox so that reading the words is happening more and more!

Up & Coming for Room 124

September 22nd - School Picture Day

September 24th - EARLY RELEASE 1pm