Paragraph Formats

Learn about each paragraph format and more in this article.

Different Paragraph Formats

There are 3 different types of paragraph formats. Block style is when all of the lines in the text are aligned with the left margin, and none of them are indented. You would usually see block style in business letters and memos. The second style is indented. Indented is when the first line of the paragraph is indented, a short way to do that is use the tab key. You will usually see an indented format when you look at a report. Finally, hanging indent. Hanging indent is when all of the lines are indented except the first line, the first line is flush with the left margin. Hanging indent is commonly used in citing Bibliography sources.

How to find and/or format

To find how you can select you paragraph format you go to the home tab and the subtitle paragraph. You click on the arrow leading to a bigger box and find where it shows how you indent it. To format you basically find out which format is appropriate for you and then you indent in places it says to. A quick way to indent is by using the tab key. We also call this a operational key. It easily takes you to the box where you can select how to indent you paragraph for the format. I hope you use this information wisely!