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What is Origami Owl Jewelry

Origami Owl® Jewelry is a line of lockets and tags that create an amazing story for our customers. Origami Owl® is a social selling jewelry business in which designers help their customers and hostesses create a special gift for themselves or a loved one. Origami Owl® Jewelry is the perfect gift for any holiday. Our collection is most well known for our Living Lockets®.

Origami Owl® Living Lockets® can be filled with charms and plates of your choice that represent you or the person you are giving the locket too. Our charms come in a variety of designs. With over 300 charms you're bound to find some that fit your story! Some of the charms include sister, mom, family, love, birthstones, sports, and initials.

Many people have fallen in love with Origami Owl® Jewelry. The beautiful thing that sets Origami Owl® apart from other jewelry lines is that you can create a piece that tells your story. You can decide which chain, charms, plates, dangles, tags or earth elements suit you! Origami Owl® makes the perfect gift for Bridesmaids, Sweet 16′s, Grandmothers, Teachers, you name it! It is a gift that touches the heart.

Origami Owl® Jewelry is made of quality materials. It is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. It is so popular among women because of its colors, choices quality and designs. Origami Owl® Designers are some of the best consultants in direct sales and I assure you they will help you decide which pieces suit you or your loved ones.

New items will be available to purchase starting March 17th!!

With spring right around the corner Origami Owl is releasing their Spring Collection that is FULL of COLOR and brand new items! There are new charms, dangles, window plates, new chains ( one of them is the much requested Multi- Layer chain in SILVER), brand new lockets with COLORED face plates that you can change out to match your spring wardrobe by simply unscrewing the face plate, and my favorite NEW item is a BRAND NEW ITEM for Origami Owl! EARRINGS!!!! Yes I just said EARRINGS!!! So many of my customers in the past have asked about earrings and now we have them!

Contact me for any questions or if you would like to host a party with your girlfriends and be able to earn all these new items FREE!

Ashley Holmes

Origami Owl Independent Designer #30644

Now is Also a Great time to JOIN MY TEAM

With the launch of our New Spring Collection and with Mothers Day right around the corner, NOW is a perfect time to become part of our amazing team! If you would like more information on how to join my team please contact me, Ashley Holmes, Origami Owl Independent Designer #30644 @ 843-340-4605! I would love to have you and can help you join for FREE!