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Week of November 30, 2015

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This week, as told by the Oaks:

We started a new kind of writing. We chose games to play for math. We had a fire drill.

We got to play teachers cat with our own letters. We put our jobs back on the job chart to go to exploration. When we put our jobs back because everyone was arguing and complaining about the jobs, how they got switched. We had snack during exploration.

We played subtraction games for the first time. We are doing compliments with our buddies. We wrote on a piece of paper what is alive, like what is nature.

We got new things for the art center. We got string, fabric, paints, and a box for the teachers so we can put notes and surprises in them. It was Corbin's birthday. We finally FINALLY went book shopping. Pascale lost her water bottle in the park and William found it.

Corbin shared a bat car for his birthday share. This is the last day with Amy so that means Sara is coming back. We went to Fort Greene Park with clipboards to answer what is living? Ellie is not going on the bus today.

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Field trip to the whitney-we need chaperones!

The Oaks will be going to the Whitney Museum on Tuesday, December 8th to see the Frank Stella show. We will leave at 10AM by school bus and return in time for lunch at 1PM. We are seeking 6 chaperones to join us. Email Pascale at pascale@brooklyncompass.org if you are interested and available!


For writing workshop we have been reading several books by the author Nicola Davies. After reading these books, the Oaks thought about what non-fiction topics they wanted to write about and wrote a few different non-fiction stories. Next week we will continue to analyze and name Nicola Davies' craft moves.

At home: Does your child have a favorite book that you like to read together? Discuss and point out the different craft moves the author uses. Maybe the author uses a lot of rhyming words or maybe the author writes words in different sizes. Point out these moves and talk about why the author uses them!

In reading workshop we started learning how to read non-fiction books. We have been using the book The Emperor's Egg to teach us how to:

  • start learning about a topic by doing a sneak peek before page one
  • stop and study each page
  • guess what might come next
  • chat about a page or the book

We are learning how to squeeze all the knowledge we can out of the books we are reading!


In math this week we started....SUBTRACTION!!!! We played two different subtraction games and worked on subtraction story problems. The Oaks have so many wonderful strategies they have been trying. Some friends count backwards, some friends make tally marks and cross out what is being subtracted, and others are using unifix cubes to help them solve problems. We have been talking a lot about the words subtraction, minus, and take away.

At home please reinforce the work we are doing in class by giving your child story problems to solve. For example, at dinner you could say, "We are going to order a pizza with 12 slices. I am going to eat 2 slices. How many slices will be left?"


How does a living system meet its needs?

We started our unit on living systems by first asking the Oaks, "What does it mean to be alive?" Then we shared what we already knew about living things and what we want to know or learn more about. We went on a walk through Fort Green Park and drew living things we observed.
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Contact Information

Feel free to email us anytime. Pascale can be reached at pascale@brooklyncompass.org and Lorna can be reached at lorna@brooklyncompass.org.