california , los angles

made by tylen morales

california facts

California is my dream vacation because it is a beautiful place it in north america and it is close to me i always wanted to go there forever it has a average temperature is at the pacific ocean and i can swim and surf beacuse i always wanted to surf and i think it will be easy

traveling to California

if i travel to California if i take a plane it will take less than a day to make it to California because i live close to California and it not that far away i will stay for 5 year


when i land to California i will go to a beach house to sleep or stay it like a hotel but it a house and i will pack the main stuff

Cost of California

my cost will be around 3 thousand my lodging will be 1 thousand my spending money will be 1 million food will be 50 and air fare 500 and gas will be 20


i will swim swim and swimming