The Tiger's Tale

February Newsletter - Written by DLS Students

Black History Month

Black History Month is a historical time to remember the heroic things that black people have done to make sure that the world will be a better place. For example, George Washington Carver made peanuts a more frequent plant to grow. Without him the Earth’s soil would be completely wiped out. Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman...These are names of people who changed the world for the better. These are the people we should honor during Black History Month and every day!

By: Christian Ramos

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💘 Kindness Week/Month 💘

Riley's Roundup

DLS Clubs have started and we wanted to give you a rundown on what is happening from Theater to Math Club. First up we have the Math Club which is run by Ms. Batista. Her club is working on the game "24" and is getting ready to compete with other middle schools in the Spring. That will be exciting! Next, we have the Student Council Club ran by Ms. Cruz. I wanted to share with you the roles some students have. Our DLS Student Council President is Allison Herrera and the Vice President is Ilianny Cordero. We also have our secretary, Maritza Gutierrez and our treasurer, Nijiany Genao. Congratulations ladies! We also have the Big Brother, Big Sister Club ran by Mrs. Varona. Her club is working on activities such as "how to be kind to your own self and others", and "how to help each other become successful in school". We also have the Art Club run by Mr. Betancur, The Yearbook Club and TV Production Club run by Mrs. Macomber, Spanish Club run by Mrs. Sanchez and 8th Grade Spirit and Journalism Club run by Mrs. Cortez who will be sharing articles written by the students in our next Newsletter! We can't wait to hear what else DLS is doing!

Allison Herrera- Student Council President

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8th Grade Passion Project

During the month of December the 8th graders were given the opportunity to work either individually or collaboratively on a Passion Project. Students had an option to research a topic that was related to their independent reading book or choose a topic that they were passionate about and willing to share in a formal presentation. There was a plethora of passions that came as a surprise to many. For example: The Examination of the Royal English Crown, Buddhism, Mental Health, Basketball Statistics, Christmas Spirit, Extreme Sports, Volcanoes, Zen Gardens, Child Development, Cars, Soccer, Japanese Architecture, Poetry, Fine Arts, Computer Science, Horror Films, Greek Mythology etc… The following 8th grade students shared their experiences: Diana Velez stated, “ The Best part was the opportunity to share my passion of History, especially the Revolutionary War with my friends.” Randy Mora stated, “ What surprised me was some of the interests those around me shared for example, the presentation on Buddhism by Randy Pena. Finally Estefani Maldonado stated, “ I had a fun time and learned about new things, Cindy’s presentation was fun to watch.”

Natasha's Memorable Moments

This year's Super Bowl Halftime Show was one to remember! Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent all performed. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog sang Snoop Dog's song called, “Still Dre.'' Eminem sang "Lose Yourself" and “Rap God”. Mary J. Blige sang the song “Family Affair'' and “No More Drama”, Kendrick Lamar sang “HUMBLE.” 50 Cent sang "In Da Club." Snoop Dog is my favorite rapper and my favorite song by him is "Still Dre." I was so happy he performed it for the halftime show! I would give this year's halftime show a five star rating!