Afghans And Pakistans

what are Refugees?

Refugees are people that are in danger in there on country. People set up refugee camps for refugees if they are in danger. Usually the military is there to help with the refugees. If the war gets really bad then the refugees will have to leave there country and go to a new one. Like the United States.

Afghanistan Refugees

Afghanistan is a country that borders Iran,Pakistan, and Turkmenistan. Refugees are leaving Afghanistan because of the war and because of the people there and Afghanistan's Government. Believe it or not People have been fleeing Afghanistan for a very long time. That's how long they have been in war. Most of the immigrants are either refugees or people trying to smuggle weapons or drugs across the border.


Pakistan Refugees

Pakistan just got in a war and there has already been people killed, refugees evacuated and, soldiers not been able to come home. The conflict was caused because the Taliban was striking too many times. The Taliban is basically a mob that hangs around the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan they usually hurt people because they didn't follow there rules and didn't give them the money they wanted money. Also the government and the Militants are in a really big argument. (The Militants are the Taliban's leaders)