To Write Love On Her Arms

Acknowledging Mental Health

To Write Love On Her Arms

Hey, Writers House (and visitors)! One thing we don't talk enough about - especially around this time of year - is mental health. This November 13th will be the first of what I hope will be many 'To Write Love On Her Arms' Days. On November 13th, write the word 'love' on one of your arms to acknowledge those who live with or know somebody who lives with mental health problems. I (RA Zach) will be sitting in the Writers House lobby from 9am to 11am with markers and information about the program. If, over the course of the day, people ask about the word on your arm, tell them about the rest of the program!

At 6pm, I will be showing the hour-long documentary 'Depression: The Misunderstood Epidemic' in Seneca Hall's 3rd-floor classroom. Warning: this documentary discusses depression, as well as things like self-harm and suicide, and as such, could be considered a trigger for some people. Viewer discretion is advised. Use your best judgment.

At 7pm, I will open the floor to answer questions about my personal experiences with mental health and to discuss depression and mental health in general. This discussion can be as personal or as impersonal as you would like to be, but any participation at all would be encouraged and appreciated! As well, don't think you have to participate in every part of the program - do what you can, but if you have any interest in mental health at all, please consider taking part in this program!

I hope to see you there - let's all show Geneseo that we care!