1st Virtual Meeting Reflection

Taylor Hansen

Was the technology easy to access and used effectively for this purpose?

  • The technology has been pretty easy to use so far, and having active links for us to follow to get to where we needed to be was great!
  • I liked being able to see what was happening on your (Dr. Kritzer) screen, it made it easier to understand what we are supposed to do on Trello.

What were a couple of things that you gained from this workshop?

  • I am slowly getting Trello figured out thanks to the video of the meeting, I am able to rematch it when I can't remember what you said to do to make posts.
  • I was able to learn how to upload a video to blackboard, which could come in handy!
  • I also was able to gain better understanding of our expectations for the community forum posts.

How might the session be improved for next time?

  • Even though I was unable to attend the actual meeting, and had to watch the video, I would say one improvement would be to find a way to let us ask questions without us all trying to blurt out the questions at the same time. From what I've seen from other peoples posts, there is a 'raise your hand' option? Maybe you could try that out!