Welcome to Halcyon!

Noemi, we are so excited that you are joining Grade 7!

Hello Noemi, I am Ms. Bartholomew, your new Advisory Group Leader

I will be your Advisor, and you will be joining our advisory group (check us out below!)

Advisory groups at Halcyon are vertical; they consist of students from each grade level. The purpose of the vertical grouping is to build a community across the age groups and to provide opportunities for student mentoring. We will meet as an advisory group every morning for 15 minutes.

Advisors are members of the Halcyon Wellbeing Team, and play a key role in ensuring the wellbeing and academic progress of the students in their group.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you to Halcyon!

Halcyon Buddies!

I am Christina, and am looking forward to being your buddy in Grade 7x!

Locker information

Your new locker information is below:

Locker 72

Remember: Halcyon has a bring your own lock policy - more information to follow on specifications.

Grade 7X Schedule

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Times of the day:

The school day starts with advisory at 0845-0900 everyday. Many students arrive to Halcyon between 0830-0845 every morning.

Registration: 0845-0900

Period 1: 0900-0945

Period 2: 0945-1030

Morning Break: 1030-1050

Period 3: 1050-1135

Period 4: 1135- 1220

Lunch & Break: 1220-1320

Period 5: 1320-1405

Period 6: 1405-1450

Period 7: 1450-1535

The school day concludes at 1535.

After school activities will commence at 1545-1645.

Morning Notes

Every morning, during advisory, we will be sharing 'Morning Notes' these are where you will find important information about what's happening for the day or week.