Cortez Spy Report

From the desk of Mrs. Cortez ~Week of April 4, 2016~

Important Lower Pottsgrove Upcoming Dates

April 6, 2016 ~ LPES Reading Olympics
April 8, 2016 ~ Be Your Own Hero! Spirit Day - Dress like a hero!
April 11, 2016 ~ PSSA Reading Test begins
April 13, 2016 ~ LPES PTA meeting 6:30
April 16, 2016 ~ LPES Talent Show at Middle School 7-9:30 pm


Tuesday - *Read, *Math Facts, *Word Work
Wednesday - *Read, *Math Facts, *Word Work
Thursday - *Read, *Math facts, *Word Work
Friday - *Read, *Math facts, *Word Work

Encore This Week

Monday - Day 2 - Library
Tuesday - Day 3 - Health
Wednesday - Day 4 - Art
Thursday - Day 5 - Music
Friday - Day 6 - Computers

Spy Kid of the Week

It's Matthew's turn! He will contribute to the class estimation jar and have special privileges throughout the week.


We are focusing in on being positive in our classroom. Last week James and Mikayla earned falcon feathers for demonstrating this important character trait. Way to go!!!


I am taking this week to review factors and multiples, numbers and shape patterns, extending place value, and plotting lines. Many students need extra practice in these strands of the curriculum. I will not be assigning any math homework this week. However if a student doesn't finish his or her classwork I will give them the opportunity to complete the pages at home.

On Friday a new math facts log went home.... a fresh new look for Spring. :)


We will be starting the Reading PSSA test next Monday April 11th. This week we are spending our ELA time reviewing important concepts to help us achieve success in 4th grade and beyond.

Please help your child complete the Rainbow Name - bow and submit it by April 8th. Thank you!!!!


On Tuesday we will begin studying producers, consumers and decomposers. Students will learn how energy flow ties together the organisms in an ecosystem.

Word Work

New sorts will be introduced on Tuesday and our Word Sort test will be on Friday. On this week's word work homework I have spaces for the students to fill out their assignments.