Robinson Crusoe

By Daniel Defoe/ Flyer By Will Donaho

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe...

Young man , and sailor, Robinson Crusoe, is stranded on an island after a tragic shipwreck. After leaving all of his crew dead, he had to learn to survive against all odds against troublesome obstacles such as weather, pirates and cannibalistic savages. During his expeditions he must learn to cope with friends he makes and must find creative ways to keep himself out of danger. Him along with his only friend, Friday, a savage he saved from a sacrificial act must rise up against all odds to survive. After 24 years in "paradise" pirates invade looking for riches and power. Him and Friday cleverly fool the Spaniards into thinking he had a whole monarchy on the little island thus prompting them to make negotiations. However, Robinson and some of the crew along with Friday took control of the ship and used it to make it back to England, thus ending the endeavor.