Social Studies Unit 6

People in the Marketplace

Course Description

Do you want to be a millionaire? This unit is going to start you on your way! You are going to learn how producers and consumers depend on each other to earn and spend money. Learn how people pay for goods and services in their community. Do you wonder where products we buy come from? You will learn about how raw materials are used to create goods in factories. Find out why the price changes on certain goods depending on the scarcity of the product.


  • The students will use visuals to determine vocabulary word meaning.
  • The students will explain why a supermarket is important to buyers in the community.
  • The students will explain the process by which goods are transported to markets.
  • The students will identify and explain the roles of producers and consumers.
  • The students will describe how goods and services are related to a business.
  • The students will compare and contrast the actions and character of Wanda Montanez with the We Are One Team character strategies.
  • The students will sort occupations into those that provide goods or services.
  • The students will examine different points of view on how people spend money.
  • The students will role play the benefits and costs of making an economic choice.
  • The students will diagram how raw materials and resources are used to make a product.
  • The students will role play a factory experience to identify the steps in a production process.
  • The students will explain the concept of scarcity.
  • The students will define and identify barter and the use of money as types of trade.
  • The students will debate whether money is a more efficient means of buying and selling.
  • The students will identify products that the U.S. trades with other countries.
  • The students will recognize ways that young children can make a difference in the lives of others.


  1. You will be expected to do the following assignments to be successful:
  2. Complete the unit pretest using Kahoots
  3. Read Unit 6 pages 264-315
  4. Complete corresponding workbook pages at the conclusion of each lesson
  5. Actively participate in class discussions: face to face and online
  6. Sort a list of occupations into goods and services
  7. Illustrate each vocabulary word using the Picollage app
  8. Participate in a greeting card factory experience
  9. Review for unit assessment by playing Kahoots and I have Who Has games
  10. Complete Unit 6 Assessment


In this unit, you will learn:

  • How producers and consumers depend on each other.
  • How people get money to pay for goods and services.
  • How raw materials become products.
  • Why we make, sell and buy more of some things than others.
  • How trade helps people meet their needs.

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Required Materials

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Indiana Social Studies Book Level 2

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Indiana Social Studies Book Level 2 workbook

ipad or computer with Google Classroom App: install app and accept the invite to join

Picollage App

Dropbox App

Show Me App

pencils, crayons

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