the best jobs for the best people

by : jewelia gonzalez

human services

A career in the human services department is a mental health counselor. A mental health counselor is someone that treats individuals with mental, emotional, or substance abuse problems. This job is good for someone who is a good listener and likes to help people with their problems. They range in salary from about $29,730- $51,540. Some colleges to start you off in a career like this TCC or Kilgore college.

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Educational and training jobs

in order to be in educational guidance
you need your master's degree. This job deals with child guidance and helps with students individuality. If you are someone who really enjoys helping people and has really good patience. some of these people deal with different needs. A college that could start someone off is at TCC to get your basics. this jobs annual salary is $38,310- $62,940
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Educational and training jobs part 2

I think a career in this field that is super cool is a special education teacher. This job interests me because I always see the teachers that deal with these types of students at school and the kids have the biggest hearts and they are so funny. you deal with students that are mentally impaired. In order to have this kind of job you need your bachelors degree and the annual salary is $41,680-$57,780. I think the pay is worth it when you're dealing with an amazing group of kids.
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