Don't Let Your Reflection Control


What is BDD?

"A preoccupation with one or more perceived defects or flaws in appearance, which is unnoticeable to others."


Did You Know?

BDD usually develops in teens and if not treated can go into adulthood. A person who has BDD can be at risks after having plastic surgery to attempt to cover up what they consider are imperfections. They can develop infections, scarring, Hematoma, organ damage, blood loss and they can even be unsatisfied with the changes. It also costs a lot of money!

Are You Experiencing...

- Distressed/bad thoughts about your appearance

- Compulsively asking others about your appearance

- Constantly looking in the mirror for imperfections

- Trying to cover up imperfections

- Or even avoiding everything (people, mirrors, etc.)


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A Celebrity That Had BDD

Andy Warhol

The famous artist who "put Campbell soup cans and colored photographs of Marilyn Monroe in museums" was very self-conscious about a redness on his nose. He wanted it to be removed, so he went to a doctor to have it sanded.


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