Outstanding Odysseus

By: Scout G, and Julia M.

The Myth of Odysseus and Polyphemus

Odysseus and his crew sailed to an isolated island. The crew was eager to explore but, Odysseus kept his cool, and knew that he had to be cautious. Him and the crew walked thorough bushes, and found a cave with milk, cheese, and sheep. The crew got interested and started to load everything up, when a big cyclops named Polyphemus walked in. Polyphemus got mad, and started to eat crew members. Odysseus was very smart so, of course he already had a plan. Odysseus outsmarted Polyphemus, and caused Polyphemus to fall to the ground. Odysseus and his crew loaded up their ship, with the milk, cheese, and sheep. That night the crew had a big feast.

The moral of this story is to be prepared and cautious.

Interview with Odysseus

Reporter- Hello everyone! Today I am here with Odysseus in the city of Troy. How are you, Odysseus?

Odysseus- Very good, thank you.

Reporter- Today I have some questions for you. Are you ready?

Odysseus- Yes, I am always ready for anything.

Reporter- So Odysseus, what are you famous for?

Odysseus- I am famous for being the hero of the Odyssey, and for defeating the Trojans in the Trojan war.

Reporter- How interesting! I never knew that! What do you think are some characteristics/qualities that you have, and could you tell some of the radio listeners what you look like?

Odysseus- Well, I think I am very strong, smart, and a great leader. I have many good physical features, like very broad shoulders and big muscles.

Reporter- Wow! Those are some good traits, and it sound like you’ve been on lots of adventures but where are you from?

Odysseus- I am from Ithaca, and I am the KING!

Reporter- Cool! It sounds like you are so good at everything, what challenges do you face of have faced?

Odysseus- The challenges that I faced and still face are cyclops, lotus eaters, Circe the witch, cannibals, the wind king, trips down to the underworld, sirens, and Calypso the nymph.

Reporter- Thats a lot! I think a lot of your fans are wondering how you overcame those challenges.

Odysseus- Well, I try my best to be confident and intelligent, and think about how I can solve conflicts.

Reporter- It sounds like you’ve been through a lot, how many people did you associate with?

Odysseus- If I named everyone that I have associated with I would be here for a while so, I will just tell you about an interesting cyclops named Polyphemus. He is a cyclops that I outsmarted with my crew.

Reporter- I have many more questions for you but it looks like we only have time for one more question. Can you tell us some of the results of your greatest achievements?

Odysseus- I feel like one of the greatest results of one of my achievements is when I came up with the idea of the wooden horse in the Trojan war. The result of that achievement led to the defeat of Troy. Another achievement that I felt had an important result is when I was trapped in the Polyphemus’ cave with Polyphemus and my crew and I outsmarted him. The result of that was saving the lives of my remaining crew and myself.

Reporter- Man, it sounds like you have a pretty amazing life!

Odysseus- It’s not always easy, though, but I manage.

Reporter- I’d imagine. Well, looks like we’re out of time for today! It was an honor being here with you. I heard your fans got a big kick out of this. Thank you for dedicating your time to this interview. I know you probably could be off somewhere saving lives and being awesome, thank you so much Odysseus.

Odysseus- My pleasure!

Reporter- Thank you.

Odysseus- No, Thank you.

Odysseus Family Tree

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Odysseus vs. the Modern Day Hero Superman

Differences between Odysseus and Superman

  • Superman can fly and Odysseus can not.

  • Superman was born on Krypton, Odysseus was born in Ithaca on Earth.

  • Odysseus had a big impact in the Trojan War

  • Superman has different identities

  • Odysseus was the kind of hero that people could relate to; Superman wasn’t because of all the impossible powers and things he could do

Similarities between Odysseus and Superman

  • They both appear strong and muscular.

  • They both are smart and cautious

  • They both are very heroic

  • They both have obstacles that are very similar, ex: cyclops, villains

  • They both don’t give up and don’t go down easily, ex: facing the cyclops, facing Atlas

Where Odysseus lived and traveled

Odysseus lived in Ithaca. He was he king. He traveled and visited:

  • Troy: Odysseus fought in the Trojan war here

  • The Island of the Cicones: Odysseus raided the island for supplies and fought the Cicones

  • The Island of the Cyclopes: Odysseus was drawn to Polyphemus’ cave by cheese and wine and fought the Cyclops there

  • The Underworld: Odysseus asked Teiresias how he could get home from a journey

  • Circe's Island: Meets Circe the witch and had to avoid her magic and defeat her.

Symbol of Odysseus

The symbol for Odysseus is a stick with a vine wrapped around it.