georgia smore

by mason starnes and tykeem soloan

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Georgia on My Mind

founder of georgia

our founder for georgia was / is opps is James Edward Oglethorpe he is a philanthropist and an English general, along with twenty-one other men, created a charter to settle a new colony which they named Georgia in honor of King George II.
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georgia colonies recources


Georgia was home to thick forests across the state and the settlers harvested the trees to create timber which changed the overall landscape of the area


Georgia's forests were home to numerous wild animals such as foxes elk buffalo and otters. When colonists began shipping the pelts to Europe, the animal population began to diminish and as of the late eighteenth century some native animals disappeared from the area

Rice and cotton

In 1750 Georgians were allowed to own slaves, so the colonists took advantage of the fertile soils, flowing rivers and extra manpower and began growing rice and cotton

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why did people settle in georgia

was not just an opportunity for the inmates to begin a new life. It's purpose was also to provide a refuge for persecuted protestants and a military presence between the other colonies and spanish florida

multiple reasons to settle in georgia

lots of land and farming space good for plantations

abundance of food

religious freedom(s)


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georgia's religious freedom

for those protestants fleeing religious persecution in europe in 1734 the first religious immigrants arrived in savannah the salzburgers, a devout protestant people, were led by oglethorpe up the mouth of the savannah where they founded the town of ebenezer. others came soon after john wesley, the founder of methodism came as a missionary and a large group of scottish highlanders