3H Classroom Newsletter

Friday, September 19, 2014

Our First Readers' Retreat!

I have truly enjoyed getting to know the students of 3H a little better each week. It's amazing how quickly our classroom starts to feel like a community of learners and children. This school year we have hit the ground running in every way. One very fun way we've done that is by earning "gotcha being good" tickets for all different kinds of respectful, responsible, and admirable behavior. Today your children earned their first Readers' Retreat and it was a wonderful success! We've worked for two weeks to build up our reading stamina, starting by reading for only 3 minutes, and children did a wonderful job of snuggling up to read for half an hour. It was quite a sight! I hope you enjoy some of our pictures.

Check out what we've been learning!

Check out what we’ve been learning!

Writing: We've started the school year with a lot of great writing. We wrote poems about ourselves, wrote thank you notes to the rotary club, and practiced our letter writing skills when we drafted letters to ourselves. It helped us learn the parts of a letter! We’re going to look back on these letters and see how we’ve changed at the end of the school year. We also started our official Writers Workshop this week. On Monday, children will begin thinking about topics for personal narratives. Please talk to time to discuss some topics your child may be able to write about!

Reading: We've been setting the foundation for our readers workshop. We learned about picking “just right” books, worked on building reading stamina for “read to self”, and started to learn how to “read to partner”! We also discussed ways we choose books and all of the ways we should be thinking while we read.

Math: We talked about the language of chance. We learned about equivalent numbers with name collection boxes, and we practiced finding differences! We also had our first addition and subtraction fact test!

Science: We started to think like scientists in our first Science lesson by brainstorming all that we know about plants and recording a class list of everything we hope to learn. Students were surprised by how much knowledge we already have!

Computers: We learned to add borders to our text and to place images behind text in Microsoft Word! Students were also introduced to Moby Max. Ask your child about it at home!

Important Dates

  • September 25 - No School
  • September 29 - Lily Student of the week (Don't forget to record your date!)
  • October 3 - Sam Poet of the Week (Don't forget to record your date!)
  • October 10 - Picture Day
  • October 13 - Early Dismissal for Students
  • October 16 and 17 - Parent Visitation Days
  • October 23 - Central School Fashion Show

Important Notes and Reminders

  • Thank you for coming to Back to School Night! I know I provided a great deal of information. Please reach out to me at any time with questions.
  • Poet of the Week and Student of the Week Schedules went home on Thursday. This activities will be reviewed in class, but please read the directions on the handouts carefully and record you dates!
  • Please make sure your child is reading his/her 20 minutes each evening and recording that reading in their reading log. Children should record their reading each evening and highlight the line once they've completed the book.
  • We've been discussing reading "just right" books in class. Please make sure your child is reading a just right book at home!
  • Don't forget that Scholastic book orders are due October 1. Click the link below to be brought directly to our class page.