Consitutional Convention

The Creation of a New Government

The recreation of the Articles of Confederation

Delegates gathered in Philadelphia to change the way the American government worked. This is because the Articles did not give the government enough power. Some delegates such as James Madison, and George Washington wanted a federal system. In a federal system the states share power with the central government but the central government has more power than the states. Madison believed that a republic was the only type of government that could keep order and still protect rights.

What did the delegates do in convention

They were chosen to speak for other people. They came from every state except Rhode island. They were there to discuss how to change the Articles of Confederation. All of the delegates were landowners business people and lawyers. Most of them were wealthy and educated. Their were no women at the convention nor men that were not land owners.

Now the question of the day

What did Alexander Hamilton do at the Constitutional Convention?

He signed the declaration of independence. He was a big help at the covention. That's what he did at the convetion