Scorch Trials by James Dashner

By Katie Ramkey

Doing what's Right

This book relates to doing what's right because Thomas and his friends have to do what is right to save themselves, their other friends, and the human race. To get to the safe haven and find a cure they have to trust each other, and some new allies they meet along the way.

Main Characters

  • Thomas
  • Minho
  • Newt
  • Brenda
  • Teresa


The setting of this book takes place in a couple of places some of the main ones are in underground tunnels, In the desert, and in the abandoned city.


Thomas and his friends have escaped the maze. Now there in a strange barren place with cranks, storms, a time limit, and a disease that eats away at your brain (the flare). They have to make it to the safe haven, to find a cure while trying to keep as much of their team as they can, or else. Will they make it to the haven? What will the flare do to everyone?How many survive? Read the scorch Trials by James Dashner to find out.