Beluga Whales

Delphinapterus leucas

Mackenzie Patrick & Jake Nelson (Croll, P1, 1/11/16)

Beluga Whales Appearance

Belugas have white skin color and a mouth that looks like it's constantly smiling because of its natural upturn. Belugas also have long necks, which contributes to their flexibility and swimming movements. Each lobe of a beluga whale's tail is called a fluke. Flukes of beluga whales are distinctly curved around the trailing edges. When fully grown beluga whales on average weigh between 2,000 – 3,500 pounds and grow to an average length of 10 – 17 ft. long, however, large males may occasionally exceed 18 ft. in length during adulthood.

Diet and Range

Beluga whales eat a variety of things, including fish and crustaceans. A few examples are salmon, smelt, cod, shrimp, crab and mollusks. Overall, Beluga whales eat over a 100 prey species. Beluga whales eat 2.5-3% of their body weight per day. They feed in both shallow and deep water areas in the arctic region. Instead of chewing their food, beluga whales swallow it whole.
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Every dolphin is a whale, but not all whales are dolphins.