JFK assassination

By David Doerner


John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered on the date November 22, 1963. The fiasco happened in Dallas, Texas. There are a lot of different theories on who actually murdered John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted for killing JFK, but he was later on killed. There are a lot of people that don't seem to think that Lee was the one that killed John F. Kennedy.

Perspective #1

There are people that believe the KGB officers were the ones that actually killed JFK. They believe that they used Lee Harvey Oswald as bait to get to JFK and assassinate him. They are saying that Oswald still had a role in what happened. They are just saying that he wasn't the one who actually killed him. They still believe that Oswald is guilty.

Perspective #2

The Illuminati was a known source for a group that possibly could have killed JFK. It was because the Vietnam War was going on at the time and JFK was hoping it would end and they didn't want it to be over yet. They really didn't like what JFK was doing to get everything under control. The Illuminati were known as secret power brokers. They are people who want to have all of the control.

Media bias explained

There are so many different perspectives on the JFK assassination. There are a lot of different theories on what people actually believe with his assassination. The different theories talk about the different possible outcomes of how JFK was shot/assassinated. There is the theory that a person with an umbrella had a part in what happened with the assassination. It is because he was trying to block the view of what was going on during the event.

Criticism #1

There is a lot of historical criticism that is involved in the JFK assassination topic. It is because there is a lot of different debates using the history of what was going on during the time. The people that decided to really look into this decided to look at the historical side of things. There are still debates on the different theories and what theory is actually true and which one is just fake. That is how historical criticism is involved.

Criticism #2

There was also a good amount of Marxist criticism involved with the JFK assassination tragedy. There was a lot of different changes going on after the assassination of JFK. The whole world was in shock after the whole fiasco. The people that looked in to the topic and came up with the theories used a lot of Marxist criticism. It is because it had to do with their own opinion. They all had a different type of reflection to the situation.
Top 10 Reasons To Believe There Was A Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK
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