Brooke Katsoudas

What is an Internship?

Internships provide students real world experience who are interested in a certain career field. This oppurtunity allows them to gain knowledge and skills that are required for this job. The purpose of an internship is to take the skills that were learned in the classroom and to apply to the real world. Interns can be high school, college kids or even an adult that is wanting to try out a certain career. Many college students are required to complete an internship in order to gain the experience that is needed for the job that they are interested in.

Why is an internship good?

An internship is an excellent way to start to build the important work connections and to get a feel for the type of environment that you could potienally be working in. An internship is an excellent thing to beable to do and I highly recommend them to you. Sometimes but not all the time an internship can provide school class credit.

An internship is a great way to see if you have the right interest in the field that you are interested in because sometimes you start something and you realize that this isn't for you.