I Can Be An Entrepeneur

Ismael Ruiz

Ismael Ruiz

Entrepreneurship Student

10th Grade

My name is Ismael Ruiz. I'm really into sports. Mainly baseball and football. I'm really determined when it comes to finishing a project. Also I'm creative. So when it comes to projects I like it to be really presentable and like to make it look nice. I have an imagination. When it comes to like marketing or making new stuff, I would come up with stuff that people would really enjoy. I have enthusiasm when it comes to really new and innovative things. I also don't let stress get in the way of me accomplishing things.

Entrepreneurship is appealing to me because

Entrepreneurship is really appealing to me because if you like to do something you can do it and then do what you really want to do with it. Also I would really like to make my own money and have control over it. I won't let the downside of entrepreneurship get to me. For example, starting your own business has a 50/50 chance of the business succeeding. I won't let that. I would give what the customer wants. I look to the positive side of owning my business.

I have many of the skills and characteristics that are essential to entrepreneurs such as...

The skills that I have that are essential to entrepreneurs are that I'm a risk-taker. i like a good challenge and also if people say I can't do it, I like to prove them wrong. Another skill or characteristic is that I'm passionate and determined when comes to something I have created. If I think that it will be a success I know that it'll be a benefit for my business. Also I have good networking skills. When it comes to spreading the word about my business I would do anything possible to get the word out.

I Can have a successful business that...

If I were to own my own business one day I would own my own barbershop. My interest about owning my own barbershop is that to me I think cutting guys hair is awesome and fun. Also sometimes you an save money for yourself and family if you know how to cut your own hair. Most of all if you own your own barbershop you can base that barbershop in your theme. Like you can make your barbershop a sport barbershop like Sports Clips. To me I like a barbershop that's about classic hair cutting. Basically, how they cut hair in the past and shaved. Gentlemen Cuts.
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