One World Literacy Day Is Coming!

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September 8 - One World Literacy Day

This year’s International Literacy Day is dedicated to “literacies for the 21st century” to highlight the need to realize “basic literacy skills for all” as well as equip everyone with more advanced literacy skills as part of lifelong learning.

Literacy is much more than an educational priority – it is the ultimate investment in the future and the first step towards all the new forms of literacy required in the twenty-first century. We wish to see a century where every child is able to read and to use this skill to gain autonomy.

Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General

One World Literacy Day

Monday, Sep. 8th 2014 at 8am-8pm

This is an online event.

National and international ambassadors for One World Literacy.

Connect with us at a local site and meet them on

How To Participate? Slogan? Ambassadors? Media Coverage? Op-ed?

  • On-site locations
  • Using technology
  • Digital books
  • Libraries
  • Bookstores
  • Multi-lingual

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Meet Our Ambassadors

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Brainstorming Images

Jeanella, I am wondering if we could give a new meaning, twist, image associated with black and white strips: Example, books in the hands of the men below.

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Zebra Print Purse-Style Bible / Book Cover w/Cross (Large)

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How Does Texas Determine Prison Rates? 4th Grade Reading

(Forbes) — “Texas uses fourth grade reading scores to project the number of prison cells they’re going need 10 years later.” I first heard that astounding pronouncement in 1995 while co-chairing a White House task force on literacy. And though I later learned that the formula for projecting the number of jail cells was more nuanced, it was not inaccurate. Moreover, Texas wasn’t alone in using elementary school reading difficulties as a proxy for serious problems later in life. 60% of America’s prison inmates are illiterate; and 85% of all juvenile offenders have reading problems. Sadly, the percentage of criminals who have reading/illiteracy problems is not surprising. What is shocking however, is how many kids are at risk of illiteracy. Today, fully 67% of American fourth-graders can’t read at the fourth-grade proficiency level; and 33% score below the basic competency level. (All these statistics are from the NAEP tests — the standardized tests given to all fourth-graders.) - See more at:

Flip The Script - Black Men and Literacy

Literacy the key to Detroit's future, discussed at Goodwill Flip the Script event

"Literacy is a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning. It is fully essential to social and human development in its ability to transform lives. For individuals, families, and societies alike, it is an instrument of empowerment to improve one’s health, one’s income, and one’s relationship with the world." Read more

The Top 10 Most Startling Facts About People of Color and Criminal Justice in the United States

A Look at the Racial Disparities Inherent in Our Nation’s Criminal-Justice System

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Lyrics for Literacy

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“The Penguin-NBA partnership is unique in its effort to send a message to athletes and fans who may have turned away from books by drawing a connection between the themes of classic literature and the real-life experiences of sports superstars.”