This Week at Estock

December 7-December 11

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Be Brave! Entering uncharted territories in CGI Math

As with each year, we started this year with me sharing instructional expectations. I asked you to have rigor each day, to be intentional in your teaching, and to promote active engagement, ideally utilizing technology whenever possible. Then, I asked for all teachers to "utilize Math Expressions, with fidelity." I would like to revise my expectations.

Here are my new expectations for math: Be brave. Try new things to meet the needs of your specific learners. Use best practices, such as CGI, Counting Collections, and math warm-ups. Use Math Expressions as a guide, a resource, and support, but feel confident that you can move beyond when you feel ready. Some units, you may need all of Math Expressions. Some units you may conduct a three week Fosnot kit and breeze through the Math Expressions content to fill in the gaps. Please, whatever you do, be brave and take a risk, reflect on what you learned, and then repeat the cycle.

There are brave risk-taking happening all around us. Steve and Kendra are introducing the concept of long division using the Fosnot kits, a math simulation. Jenny, Jessamy, Tara P., Katie F., Pamela, and Cindy are using counting collections to build number sense. Jen is using math centers to meet her kids needs, and incorporating Estimation 180 (daily, practical word problems). When I walk your rooms, I am seeing math talks, number warm-ups, and more. And, when I hear you chatting with each other you are sharing all these ideas, and everyone is learning together. Keep it up- you are awesome!

"As learn our thinking evolves-- we need to adjust as we learn more. Rigor is not rigid."

212: Keeping our School Beautiful

We all want to thank Rolando for his hard work and dedication during Thanksgiving break. Our classrooms looked amazing, with freshly cleaned carpets. After coming off a week break, teachers were tickled to come back to a bright, shiny school. We are thankful for all the hard work Rolando does!

Dates and Activities to Note

November 30 -December 18- Orange Checkpoints for ELA and Math

December 7 - Trimester award winner names to Jenni no later than 4PM.

Attendance data populates on report card

December 9 - Alvarado Reader's and Writer's Workshop visit (BRB, DD, TP, JH, JT, JS, KF, SH)

1:30 SSC #2 (TP, JS, BRB)

December 10 - SOTM/Trait student names to Jenni.

7:25 PBIS Meeting

December 11- Last day for report cards

FIBO Assembly

PE Friday

Talent Show Dress Rehearsals: 12:35-1:20 K, 1, 3, and 5 (Fifth grade on primary lunch)

1:30-2:15 2, 4

December 14 - Report cards due to Beth

11:15 Fire Drill

Trimester awards assembly. Primary 12:40 PM and Upper 1:20 PM.

December 15 - 7:45 or 11:30 Optional Staff Meeting (update on Lambert/Estock merge)

Healthy Smiles Van at Estock

December 16 - Perfect Attendance Parties

1:30 PLC with Lambert

December 17 - Perfect Attendance parties

Healthy Smiles Van at Estock

December 18 - Flag Ceremony 8AM

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