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Interview With: Mike Green l Author: Luca Tornambe

The Interview


Source: Mike Green

Questionnaire made by: Luca Tornambe

  • How many injuries have you had if any over the years in sports?

  • How many injuries have you seen?

  • What was the worst injury you have ever seen?

  • What age did you START wanting to announce?

  • What motivated you to START announcing?

  • What date did you announce your first GAME?

  • What date did you announce your last GAME?

  • Around what year did you START wanting to retire from announcing?

  • What year did you retire from announcing?

  • What was the worst injury you ever had in sports over your lifetime?

  • What age did you get that injury?

  • Did you go to any DOCTORS when you got the injury or after?

  • How did the protection you were wearing help?

  • How did you heal the injury?

  • Does that injury still affect you today, if so how?


  • I’ve had 6 main injuries which were mainly broken bones. The others were two sprains and one shin splint. The shin splint was the worst. It made me not able to walk for over a week.

  • I saw about 19 bad injuries over my carrier. They were all mainly broken bones and sprains. I saw many of them at all points of my carrier. The one injury that I can remember the most is a college basketball players shin bone popping out. It was very gory.

  • The worst injury I ever saw was when a college basketball player taking a shot in a GAME when he tripped over himself and fell in a weird way which caused his shin bone to come out.

  • I STARTED to dream about announcing when I first got into sports. I loved all types of sports but the main one was of course basketball. I loved hearing the sound of the ball swish through the net and that wonderful feeling too.

  • The motivation I got was from players on all teams and sports and my parents who believed I could do anything. I wanted to live up to my full potential and they were right. The players motivated me by showing that I could do anything if I really tried. My parents motivated me by helping me along every step of the way and by saying what I could do if I really tried, as I like to call it “tough love”.

  • The first game I announced was in Miami in 1991. I was 39 years old at the time and I dreamed of announcing all games in any sport of course.

  • The last game I announced was in 2004. I was 52 years old at the time and I did accomplish my dream and with enough money to retire so I did. I was in the hamptons at the time but moved to New York later on in 2009.

  • I never got bored of it but my prime years have passed. I was not the announcer I used to be, I used to put so much enthusiasm into my work but my spark has burned out. I love to play golf as a hobby and teach new comers some helpful tips.

  • I retired August 19, 2004. I was 52 years old and had a good amount of money to live my life to the fullest. I just needed to travel now. As I said before I would continue playing golf and giving helpful tips to newcomers.

  • The worst sports injury I ever had was when I was hit in the face with a line drive in baseball and broke my cheek bone, nose, and a few teeth fell out.

  • That happened at age 5. I was in a little league and confused. My sports intelligence has not yet evolved much yet. It taught me to be more aware in life and more careful. I have two beautiful boys and will never make them go through the amount of pain as I did. I won’t make them think the world is the safest place you could be either.

  • Yes, I went to the emergency room and had a face cast for over three months and I went to a dentist to get new teeth. The teeth were the worst part because all the drilling in my mouth was tedious and well, plain hell.

  • I was not wearing any protection. I had protection on but not on my face. I did have a hat and sunglasses which I guess helped in some ways. The hat had some pads but when the ball hit my sunglasses and shattered the glass which went into my eye. The protective gear would have slowed the ball down before it hit me.

  • I went to many doctors for many years. I went to a eye doctor for the longest time and had many surgeries on my eyes but some shards created permanent damage. The eye injury would have not even happened if I wasn’t wearing sunglasses as a type of protective gear.

  • The eye injury is the only one that affects me today by making the vision in my left eye blurry sometimes. This is a problem for reading and other eye coordinated activities. The doctors say that I will be permanently blind in that eye by the age of 60.

Healing proceses

How it Works

Shin Bone Dislocation: You have to keep the shin bone in the socket until there is a thick layer of skin over the wound.

Shin Splints: You have to where a cast over the shin for about six weeks but you are able to walk.

Broken Ankle: You have to where a cast for about 8 weeks and you are not able to walk.

About the Author:

Luca Tornambe loves to read, write, and learn more always! He loves playing all sports but of course his favorite is baseball.