By: Max Pawela and JC Albert

Overview of iClothes.

Our product is the simple solution to finding your clothes in the morning. It is called the iClothes. It is a big metal machine that is about the same size as a vending machine and has a basket in the front where the clothes go after you choose which one you want off of the tablet ask J-Mac the similar Siri. To put clothes in the machine you go to the right side and pour all of your clothes into a door that opens and instantly sorts them into category and color.

Why you should invest in our product.

This product is so much better and way more advanced than just a normal dresser. In a normal dresser you have to sort everything into the correct drawer but in the iClothes sorts it for you and everything is in the same place. This would be a good investment because it has great potential to make a lot of money in the technological future that we live in. One way that it would make a lot of money is it would make your life so much easier and make your get to work/ school faster than you would before.

"iClothes so you can find you clothes"

Price- $890

How it address your problem.

Lets say in the morning you are running late for school/work and need some clothes. While you are running up the stair you can say "J-Mac give me my Jordan's", "Okay" says J- Mac. J-Mac is like a siri to get him to talk all you have to say is his name then what you want or you can just type on the tablet what you want. That is why our product is a good investment and it will address all of your clothes problems for you.
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