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We are happy to welcome you back!

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Dear Cunniff Families,

On Tuesday we will begin to welcome our Road to Hybrid students back to school. Cohort A students in grades K-5 will begin on Tuesday and cohort B students in grades K-5 will begin on Wednesday. We have missed seeing and hearing the sights and sounds that make elementary schools a place like no other! And although Tuesday and Wednesday will be special days for us, we realize that we still have students in virtual school that we look forward to welcoming back in February!

On Friday, classroom teachers sent out their weekly smores that were full of important information regarding the transition back. I hope that you and your student(s) got an opportunity to view the slideshows and videos that teachers created in order to introduce the classroom to students.

Below I have linked the slideshows I shared during the past three weeks regarding the exterior & interior of Cunniff West as well directions for arrival and dismissal:

Welcome to Cunniff West! is a slideshow that will provide students and families with a glimpse of what the interior of the Cunniff West building looks like.

Arrival, Break & Departure defines the process we will use to ensure that students enter and exit the school and their classrooms safely.

Students Taking the School Bus

If you signed up and have received confirmation that your student is taking the school bus to school, there is important information that you should read over. Mrs. Dangler has been preparing the bus passes that have been placed in teachers' mailboxes. They will be giving students these passes to take home on Tuesday (Cohort A) and Wednesday (Cohort B). Students will be able to ride the bus on the first day without a pass but thereafter, they will need to show the bus pass before entering the bus. It is a good idea to attach the bus pass to the backpack.

Below I have attached information regarding the procedures and safety precautions that have been taken by the bus company. Additionally, a second attachment lists the times and the locations where the bus stops to pick up students.

Classrooms, Cleaning, and Disinfecting

As you were able to see from the videos shared by classroom teachers, classrooms have been set up so that students have a personal space assigned to them that is six feet apart from the space of classmates. Teachers have accomplished this configuration in a variety of creative ways that students will enjoy. Once students leave for the day, custodians have a routine that they use to clean and disinfect all areas of the building. This includes misting with a disinfectant. Additionally, custodians will actively monitor and clean bathrooms, wastebaskets, and high touchpoint areas throughout the day.

Visiting the School Nurse & Contact Information

Nurse Nolan will be available for the smallest of cuts and bruises as well as any needs students may have to see the school nurse. Mrs. Nolan is happy to travel to classrooms to escort a student down to her office. If a student is in need of a mask, she will provide one.

Here is the contact information you will need to reach Mrs. Nolan or the Main Office:

Mrs. Nolan 781-899-3705 FAX - 781-899-3706

Mrs. Dangler 781-899-3701

Ms. Ciarlone 781-899-3704

Morning Announcements

For the first few days of reentry for our road to hybrid students, classroom teachers will be getting students settled in their individual spaces. In order to allow a few extra minutes for teachers to accomplish this, Mrs. Golden, Mrs. Antonellis, and I will host Morning Announcements for students in grades K-5 that are on their Extension Day. This morning announcement will begin promptly at 8:15 and end at 8:30. This meeting is not meant to be a substitute for the Morning Meeting since this is an essential part of each school day.

Beginning on Monday, November 2, the daily Morning Meeting will resume hosted by the classroom teacher at 8:15.

Here is the link for the morning announcement that we will use:

Join Zoom Meeting

Please note that this link is different from the link I have been using each morning. I will resume with that original link on Monday, November 2.

Hallway Monitors

Cunniff lunch aides will be using their time to monitor hallways and to help ensure that students are following protocols to line up, use bathrooms, sanitize, and return to classrooms. Students will be given disposable bathroom passes that they will leave outside of the bathroom and place in the trash before returning to the classroom. This will enable monitors to calculate at-a-glance whether a bathroom is occupied.

A Few Reminders

Young children often need to hold on to the stairwell railing when ascending or descending the stairs. It is important that we continue to allow them to do this so that they don't fall. These high-frequency touchpoints will be cleaned often throughout the day.

Classroom practices for using materials will be outlined by teachers with the support of coaches, and coordinators. All of these practices will be aligned to ensure that students are not sharing materials with classmates. An example includes browsing independent reading choices with your eyes before making a selection.


A Grab and Go Lunch for students to enjoy at home will be provided for students that order one. Classroom teachers will take a lunch count along with daily attendance. For additional information, please visit:

Good nutrition and learning go hand in hand.

Menu - Free/Reduced Meal Application - Online Payments


A reminder to wait for students alongside the marked - designated spaces on the exterior of the school grounds.

For the first week, we will begin lining up for dismissal according to the following times and locations:

Grades K and 1 - 12:05 - Main Entrance Door for K, Side Parking Lot Door for Gr. 1

Grades 2 and 3 - 12:10 - Side Parking Lot Door

Grades 4 and 5 - 12:13 - Side parking Lot Door

Please note that all students taking the bus will do so at the side entrance door.

Kindergarten students will be escorted from the Main Entrance door to the school bus waiting at the side entrance.

VIrtual School Families

Please stay tuned for information regarding when to return independent reading book bags that students have picked up as well as taking additional materials on loan.

Enjoy the afternoon.

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