Barclay Bulletin

John Barclay Elementary School - September 3, 2015

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Important Dates

Sept. 7

  • No School - Labor Day Holiday

Sept. 8-9

  • 6th Grade Ropes Course

Sept. 9

  • Home & School Meeting -7:00pm

Sept. 10

  • Back to School Night
  • 6:00-6:45 PM Grades 3 and 5
  • 6:45-7:05 PM Principal presentation with Mr. Estep
  • 7:05-7:50 PM Grade 1

Sept. 11

  • Pretzel Day

Sept. 14

  • No School - Roshanah Holiday

Sept. 23

  • No School - Yom Kippur Holiday

Sept. 25

  • Pretzel Day

First Day Fun!

Absence Notes Made EASY

Parents, every time your child is absent, be certain to email YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER as well as the BARCLAY OFFICE using one or both of these email addresses:

The email needs to be sent within 24 hours so families can stay in compliance with the state and not be thought of as possibly truant for not sending in an explanation of their child's absence.

Back to School Shopping

We understand that returning to school requires more financial resources to be put towards clothing, shoes and school supplies. If you are in need, Barclay has limited school supplies available to students. Please contact Ms. Embow, School Counselor, if interested.

Free ESL Classes for Adults

If interested, click here to access the Vita Education Service website or call 215-345-8322.

September 11th Remembrance

The events of September 11th have left an indelible mark on the soul of our nation. Every year, this day reminds us of the pain many experienced as well as the sense of strength and unity that confronted those difficult days. Mr. Estep will speak to students the morning of Friday, September 11th as Barclay will honor those who died, especially the brave emergency responders who rescued so many, paying the ultimate price to do so. Please have your child wear RED, WHITE AND BLUE on September 11th as we remember and honor those brave citizens and their families.

9/11 Heroes Run

It's not too late to register for the 9/11 Heroes Run! The 5K and 1 mile race is set for September 27th this year at the Fonthill Museum with a great course through beautiful Doylestown Borough. Please join Central Bucks School District as they support this very worthy event. Registration is simple and easy, and students, families, and friends can register as a team and compete together. Each team can manage their runners and their team from their very own "page." Just visit their site for additional information.

Volunteer Information

PARENTS: Be sure to get on the “The List” for Barclay (and CB). If you want to volunteer in ANY CB school for the NEXT FIVE years, then you need to be certified to volunteer as directed by the state. Here are some details:

Who Needs Clearances: An individual who is responsible for the child’s welfare or has direct volunteer contact with children.

· Direct Volunteer Contact – The care, supervision, guidance, or control of children and routine interaction with children

· Routine Interaction – Regular and repeated contact that is integral to a person’s volunteer responsibilities.

· Person Responsible for Child’s Welfare –Includes any such person who has direct or regular contact with a child through any program, activity, or service sponsored by a school, for-profit organization or religious or other not for profit organization.

· A volunteer who was previously not required to have clearances shall be required to obtain the clearances required by law no later than July 1, 2016.


Please see the link to CB’s webpage for more information on how you can get Barclay’s and CB’s “List” for volunteering: Get Volunteer Clearances

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