Gaming Safty Online

Don't be dumb be Smart

Gaming Safty

Gaming safety means that don't do things that would hurt or anoy any online that you would do offline. when you read this you would learn a few tips of what not to do and what you should do online of gaming.

What You Want To Do

Six Safty Tips

1.) If someone is annoying you or trying to send threat message block them

2.) If you hear them say bad things about you or anything else report them so they can get there electronics or there account gets deleted.

3.) Be sure if you do send someone a message, make sure it won’t hurt their feelings or they might get mad.

4.)When playing a game don’t brag or spam or they will kick you off the server.

5.) Don’t add anyone that you don’t even know online.

6.) Use voice mask so know one can hear your voice or know your gender.