Anna May Wong

Hollywood's first Asian- American Movie Star

" I was so tired of the parts I had to play. There seems little for me in Hollywood, because, rather than real Chinese, producers prefer Hungarians, Mexicans, American Indian for Chinese roles."


  • Born on January 3rd 1905 in Los Angeles, California
  • She was the daughter of a laundryman
  • She starred at 17, in Toll of the Sea, a silent version of Madame Butterfly.
  • Her best remembered film is Shanghai Express.
  • She went international and made dozens of films in Hollywood, London, and Berlin.

  • Anna May Wong was perceived as a Chinese Fetchit, someone whose roles reinforced racist stereotypes. BUT the younger genertation of Asian Americans see her as a pioneering artist who succeeded in a hostile environment that has not altogether changed.
  • Wong became a fashion icon and had achieved international stardom in 1924
  • In July 1933, she introduced a cabaret act at the Embassy Club in London. The next two years she took it across Europe.
  • Behind the scense she was fighting the biggest fight of her career, for the leading role in MGM's production of The Good Earth.
"Im Anna May wong I come from old Hong Kong.But now im a Hollywood star".
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  • In 1933 TIME magazine voted her the "worlds best dessed woman".
  • In 1938 Look magazine named her the "wolrd's most beautiful Chinese girl".
Anna May Wong - Chinese Costume Party Pt.1 - 1937 Technicolor